You Can’t Have Open Borders In A Welfare State

It will inevitably result in collapse.

In Canada, and around the world, it’s becoming increasingly clear that radical left globalist governments simply don’t believe in national borders.

They criticize any attempt to strengthen borders, demonize those who want national borders respected, and constantly try to shift society towards accepting open, unenforced borders.

At the same time, the radical left calls for massive spending on social welfare programs, paid for with extremely high taxes on citizens – while demanding that non-citizens, and even illegal immigarnts, get full access to those services.

As you can image, that is simply unsustainable.

You can’t have open borders in a welfare state.

With well controlled borders, it is possible to provide for social welfare, even with a relatively low tax burden. That’s because a government can raise and lower immigration levels and welcome people based on the economic needs of the nation. That allows a country to ensure that the vast majority of people are contributing to the system.

Additionally, people have a higher willingness to support social welfare programs when they know it’s being directed towards their fellow citizens in need of help.

But with open, uncontrolled borders, that support will evaporate, as people see their hard-earned tax money going towards people who are either in the country illegally, or are unable to contribute for a long time. The patience of taxpayers will not last forever.

And the system itself becomes dangerously unstable when word spreads around the world that generous social programs are available for anyone who breaks into a country illegally. That creates a huge incentive for illegal entry, and puts an ever-increasing burden on taxpayers.

What makes this even more dangerous is that it totally inverts the meaning of citizenship. While citizenship comes with obligations, it is also supposed to come with benefits, and one of those key benefits is that the government we fund with our taxpayer dollars is supposed to serve us above all others.

But with open borders in a welfare state, things get reversed. In that system – which Canada is swiftly heading towards – taxpayers have their money taken by the government, and then watch as that money increasingly goes towards non-citizens who are in the country in violation of our laws, and/or plan to be on welfare for a very long period of time.

That degrades the quality of services being given to the taxpayers actually paying for those services, and it results in a higher and higher tax burden as every last cent is wrung out of the already overburdened citizens of our nation.

Amazingly, the radical leftists like Trudeau think this is ‘compassionate,’ but all it does is take compassion away from the citizens of the nation, and give it to non-citizens. That might be fine for a humanitarian organization that gets voluntary contributions to help people around the world, but it’s not acceptable for a national government to prioritize non-citizens above citizens.

The further the Trudeau government goes towards turning Canada into an open borders welfare state, the closer our country gets to a collapse of either our willingness to welcome others, or our ability to sustain our social programs.

Justin Trudeau and the radical left globalists are playing a very dangerous game.

Spencer Fernando

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