BROKEN PRIORITIES: Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Are Able To Give,” But The Trudeau Government Just Announced $125 Million For ‘Arts Exports’

Interesting how the Trudeau government claims they’re out of money one moment, then finds a huge stash of cash the next.

We all remember how Justin Trudeau outraged millions when he said Canadian Veterans were “asking for more than we are able to give right now.”

After seemingly endless spending, full restitution for injured Veterans was where Trudeau seemed to draw the line.

Outrageously, we’ve all seen the massive spending since then, including on nationalizing a pipeline and spending millions on a road for the Jordanian military.

And now, the government that said Veterans were asking for too much has found something else to spend the taxpayers money on.

‘Arts exports.’

As noted by the CP, “Ottawa is getting ready to invest $125 million over five years for the Canadian arts by increasing existing budgets for domestic programs, expanding the eligible sectors that can receive money and by helping artists export their work internationally, Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said Tuesday. Calling it a “strategy with teeth and money,” Joly told reporters the federal government decided to expand the sectors eligible for arts funding to include industries such as video gaming, design, virtual reality and fashion. “For the first time in our history, all these disciplines will be supported (financially),” Joly said at the announcement in Montreal.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trudeau government announcement without the obligatory attack on Harper:

“The Liberals are reinvesting in sectors ignored by the former Conservative government under Stephen Harper, which cut funding for programs that exported Canadian art into foreign markets, Joly added. She said Harper’s cuts “annihilated” programs that supported artists touring overseas.”

This is the perfect demonstration of how broken the priorities of the Trudeau government have become: They say they can’t afford to do more to help Veterans who went overseas and sustained injuries in service to our nation, yet they’re increasing funding for artists to go overseas.

How the hell does that make any sense?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne


Ron Voss

Supporting the artists who are laregely leftwing makes sense as they will repay him accordingly. According to our constition is this a responsibility of the federal government?


If an artist needs taxpayers money, I think he or she should find another career that doesn’t suck money to pay for there so called artistic talent that no one wants.

Don Taylor

If Real Canadians do their job, Turdeau and his lemmings wont be in power after the next electiou

Ed R Peebles




One things for sure, liberal priorities aren’t with Canadians. Maybe Trudeau can take some of that $7 billion liberal slush fund and give it to our vets instead of Arts. Looks to me like he’s trying to grease the wheels to win another election. Doubt he’ll be winning the vote of our vets though, and there are plenty of them who will be voting.


Feminism Ambassador, Artists, ice rinks, millions for girls in other countries, costumes, chefs to be flown in for state dinners, swing sets, ski trails, pipe lines they tried to stop, illegal boarder crosser’s they won’t stop, etc. etc. They waste time in the house of commons, refusing to answer questions or be appropriate, this foreign terrorist controlled fake government must go, what a waste of humanity and destruction to our country, and some besoted fools still like them.


add on: Mr. Harper stopped this program because all the money was being doled out in one province and many of the people receiving these hand outs produced very little in the way of art. eg. working on writing their first book, and had handouts for three years etc.

David K

As disable Veteran, this makes me want to vomit. To boot I have open claim with VAC for additional disability claim, in Jan 18 it was at stage 2 and 16 weeks waiting time, I was given indication Jun 18 that it was at adjudication stage 3 and 16 weeks. I inquired to confirm length of time, the reply stated that VAC was currently working on claims from Feb 2017. This government let alone its departments have no clue!

Max Dubois

Easy solution:

1. Stop funding the Catholic School Board of Ontario and you save 1.4 Billion dollar annually, we live in a secular country and if this is what someone wishes to enroll their children in, they can pay for it out of their own pocket.
2. Stop paying 60-100 million dollars each year to the royal family, they certainly do not need it and they certainly don’t deserve it.

All of a sudden, you have plenty of money for both :). All in favour?


His old man hated the military and it’s clear he passed it on down.

Max Dubois

Not glorifying wars and the military, creating unnecessary military expenditures and not using veterans as political propaganda to hide lack of a political platform is not hate 🙂

Darryl R Taylor

Damn straight, Trudeau the elder was probably laughing his arse off at getting to force the army to mobilize in Quebec during the FLQ crisis, knowing that every soldier is bored when their nation only uses them at need, and reluctantly. If Trudeau the younger had a lick of sense, he would pull funding from all of the arts, give the go-ahead to all of the resource development projects patiently waiting for approval, slash the CEAA in hslf snd make them streamline, and start using our military to look after our corporations interests overseas. Instead heis frittering money away on… Read more »