FAILURE: Under Trudeau, A Record $100 BILLION In Investment Abandoned Canada In 2017

Investment outflows reached a record high, and the trend is getting even worse.

As I’ve said before, the Trudeau government is certainly planning to blame Canada’s upcoming economic struggles on the trade dispute with the US.

That’s why, in order to counter their planned deception, it’s essential to note that Canada’s economy has been severely weakening under the Trudeau government – long before trade problems with the US.

In fact, investment outflows reached a record high in 2017, with Canada losing a record $100 billion in investment.

At the same time, 2017 saw a huge drop in investment entering Canada, falling to just $30 billion.

As noted by the Financial Post, while this isn’t all the fault of the Trudeau government (with factors such as US tax cuts and regulation cuts reducing our competitive position), they certainly bear a large portion of responsibility for it:

As the FP says, “However, much blame for this deterioration stems from recent Canadian policies.”

“This worsening resulted from the increase in environmental and climate policies such as: The mandated closing of coal-fired electricity-generating plants in Ontario (and the rapid rise in electricity prices that followed); the capping of future extraction of oil in Alberta; and the prohibition of tanker traffic along the northern coast of British Columbia and of pipelines in B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest. There was also the imposition of stricter conditions on the construction of pipelines to prevent oil spills and the requirement to obtain “social licence” before one could be built.”

Also, “The most important element of this progressive agenda has been the increase in taxes on corporations and high-income individuals and the prospect of still higher taxes through rising carbon taxes. Since an important part of the cost of the progressive agenda is covered by deficits, the growing debt portends even higher taxes in the future.”

This must be kept in mind and shared widely. The facts are clear: The Trudeau government bears a large portion of responsibility for Canada’s investment collapse, and they can’t be allowed to escape responsibility for it.

No amount of deceptive government spin can change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau is reaching his goal. He wanted to kill the Canadian economy and he is succeeding. He wants a clean slate to start his post-nation. In the meantime, he is creating a climate to a civil war. Trudeau generation did not learn multi-tasking unfortunately. While you remove, you are supposed to add so at the end you have a positive, NOT ZERO.


Ah one world order, taking shape in Canada, we either have to stop this now or go down and they the elite greedy rich globalists win, this is actually a war and we must stop it somehow. These globalist puppets trying to collapse us from within.

Ivan Hawkes

Exactly correct Nancyw, I’m glad you see the reality behind this. Far too many have no idea. People make assumptions, don’t pay attention, and refuse to investigate the realities that are strangling this world.


We must collectively support Ontario proud in its new endeavors. They have confirmed that they will be doing for next years federal election, what they just did for Ontario’s provincial election.
There could be no doubt that they played a helpful role in removing the Ont Libs.
There viewership and participation numbers were quite staggering .

I encourage every Canadian to get serious about helping them in any way they can.
Its an encouraging thing to see a job well done by a recent start up with nothing but grass roots


It’s all totally the result of Trudeau’s Liberals. Canada could be more business friendly, maybe cut our taxes!!!!!! There will be a snap election in fall after the dope starts flowing……..and Trudeau can whip up more anti-Americanism as our go to position of why Canada is failing. Hope Canadians are smarter than voting for him again…….but I don’t think so…………


The fight led by the provincial governments of Saskatchewan and Ontario isn’t simply over a legal issue – it’s going to be about whether or not Canada will be seen as an ignored backwater or a profitable and responsible partner with business. It’s more than just jobs at stake here – it’s lives too. It’s proven in statistics – in North America as well as in places with more chronic unemployment like post-Soviet states – that men in particular are far more likely to commit suicide if they have been recently fired or have been chronically unemployed. Men need to… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

I’m surprised it’s just $100B. I suspect that before he’s flushed out of office, it will be at least $200B plus.

William Roberts

Smart people hate dealing with idiots.And we have a complete idiot running the show. Imagine giving Drama Boy billions of taxpayers dollars to play with in his sand box and companies are packing up and leaving in droves. He’s just pizzing it down the drain as fast as he can .He could give to sh,ts about this country it’s all about him and getting re-elected.By far the worst PM of all time.