No Joke: The Trudeau Liberals Want A Taxpayer-Funded ‘Feminism Ambassador’

As investment collapses, our economy slows, our borders get treated as a joke, and our trade relationships crumble, the Trudeau Liberals apparently think more virtue-signalling is the answer.

It sounds like someone making a joke about the Trudeau government’s obsession with virtue-signalling. But unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

According to Global News, the Trudeau government wants to create either a ‘feminism ambassador’ or a ‘feminism special envoy’:

The report says, “According to emails, memos and various drafts of option papers obtained by Global News under access to information laws, the federal government is considering creating a new position of ambassador or special envoy to promote feminism around the world.”

‘“The purpose of this memorandum is to present options for the possible appointment of a special envoy or ambassador for gender equality to advance our feminist approach to international policy,” reads one of several included memos prepared by officials at Global Affairs Canada last year for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.”


You would think the government would be focused on the many problems facing our country, including the fact that investment in Canada is collapsing, we are badly losing in terms of competitiveness with the US and other markets, and that our trade relationship with our closest partner is in serious decline.


Instead the government is doubling down on the same empty virtue-signalling approach that has failed so miserably.

The Trudeau Liberals clearly think that actions are meaningless, and words are all that matters. But as we can see all around us, that’s not how the real world works, and as long as the Trudeau government ignores the reality, the worse things will get for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

Yes, and he’ll have to borrow yet more money to fund his latest mission of stupid.


Fake feminism, puppet Trudeau, another fake dog and pony show to distract Canadians, as he and his bobbleheads (Lieberals/NDP) tend to their secretive globalist agendas to collapse us.
Since we now don’t have genders, why? Another insult to REAL men, and women, and another waste of our tax dollars.

Elizabeth Drake

There are many much more pressing matters that needs be dealt with in Canada today other than having a Feminism Ambassador or Envoy to promote gender identity.One especially that comes to mind aside from lack of care for veterans,Medicare,homelessness,the sagging economy ,is the fact that all Christian Faith organizations are ineligible for government funding because it is against their faith to check of the box that states they are pro choice in regards the sanctity of life.Discrimintion against those who feed and clothe the hungry,homeless,drug addicted people, existing in our world today.


God help us. I thought Canada already had a “Taxpayer-Funded Feminism Ambassador” in our gender fluid glorious “leader” Justine Trudeau. I mean honestly – what’s next? Since being elected this piece of garbage has done nothing but betray Canadians and destroy us morally and financially. His push for post-nationalism, abandoning our veterans and military (who risked life and limb for the freedoms that this disgusting excuse for a human being is trying to take away), spending and taxing us out of existence, and the lies…constant lies – all this from someone who promised the most open and transparent government ever?… Read more »

Eric Blair

Canada, as in all ten provinces, is finished that is for sure. There will be a western Canada minus Vancouver Island and an eastern Canada. Don’t really know about Ontario though but maybe Northern Ontario will join Manitoba in this. Yeah, Trudeau will go down as Canada’s last prime minister and the one responsible for it demise as in all ten provinces.


That is already the role that Maryam Monsef is supposed to fill in the Status of Women. So because she is not doing her job, Trudeau wants to create a similar post. What an idiot! He has no idea about accounting and it looks like Morneau is exactly in the same position.

Terrie M Rekie

I believe most of the modern world already engage in equal rights. I wonder if his envoy/ambassador will travel to middle eastern and other countries where human rights do not exist. Oh wait no that would not fare well for him…just more virtue signalling on the taxpayer”s wallet.

Shawn Harris

Like all the problems created by Trudeau and his government, when he finds himself in serious trouble, economic or otherwise, he deflects, changes the subject and obfuscates. Trudeau’s actions are akin to what emperor Nero was said to have done, fiddle while Rome burns. Or in the case of Canada, Trudeau wraps himself in the Canadian flag and claims his superior feminist virtuousness as the only option/ solution to all the problems his socialist driven ideology has created. This decision , his creation of a feminist ambassador, is just more proof that Trudeau is incapable of governing Canada and is… Read more »


Trudeau is the perfect candidate for a lifetime residency at an Insane Asylum!


Democracy in Canada is being chipped away with these Liberals. Economic stagnation and surges in immigration are often precursors of democracy failures. This Liberal majority Government has become unrepresentative of the people it purports to serve.

James stewart

It is a joke but the joke is on Canadians. Trudeau should ask his wife if he can have his balls back so he can do the right thing for all Canadians not just special interest groups

Rod Blair

He is just like his mother.


I notice that women’s rights groups have never demonstrated in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Ottawa. Until the embassies of such states are closed, the women’s rights this government loves to back is tokenism only.


I think Kent Hehr would make a terrific choice for this position. Afterall with his recent therapy sessions on how to respect women…..blah blah blah.p
Runner up to Kent is Ralph Goodale. You can tell Ralph wants to get away from Safety Minister, after the Trudeau’s India Vacation and the heat he’s getting because of Trudeau’s ineptness, Ralphie needs a lighter load. This might be something he could hang his legacy on.
God this government is stupid.
Trump is spot on about Trudeau. Weak and can’t be trusted.

Wendy Lush

“Feminism Ambassador”

Ye Gods… have we reached ‘peak’ Justin? Honestly I don’t know how much more of this I can take. JT needs to be fitted for a straight jacket. The man clearly has mommy issues.

What does that even mean, Feminism Ambassador? … except another $1 billion down the toilet.


Promoting feminism means promoting abortion.

We can only hope the liberal clowns lose in a landslide next year.

Peter Wilson

Well – The first place to send that amassador would be Syria – Then we’d need a new ambassador and then send that person to Pakistan – Keep on sending these ambassadors to all the various muslim countries until there are no more Lieberals.

Sandra Clark

Trudeau boggles my mind. “He” wants a “Feminist Ambassador”, at “our” expense? If we are all gender neutral now, according to Trudeau, then why is he still pushing this feminism stuff? Feminism is about “women”. Isn’t that a gender? Time to take your position seriously, Trudeau. Start representing Canada in a positive way and put our tax dollars towards Canada, instead of dividing us into little groups and distracting us from real issues that need to be addressed. The Normal, hard working, educated, White Male is being walked on, forgotten and misrepresented. We don’t need any more lunacy. No Government… Read more »

Wendy Lush

June 26, 2018 at 11:19 pm “Trump is spot on about Trudeau. Weak and can’t be trusted.” Trump pointed out he could judge whether Kim Jong-un was serious about disarmament “within the first minute”. Said Trump “just my touch, my feel. That’s what I do.” And so he did with Trudeau at La Malbaie two days earlier, correctly labeling Trudeau “very dishonest and weak” and making false statements. Trump has been around the block and he is a good judge of character. Ralph Goodale has got the toughest job in cabinet – Minister of Spin and Damage Control, a thankless… Read more »

David Henley

This government continues to destroy Canada. The great loss for this country is its men. They have been treated as though they are criminals just for being men. This government has destroyed this country by its bias towards men but also allowing weak woman to take positions that they are not capable of doing. There are many good women in the work force capable, but are also set aside because they don’t feel the same about men as these weak female and male feminist. Men hating woman are just as bad for the country as bad liberal policies. If they… Read more »