Sanctuary Consequences: Toronto Can’t Take Any More Illegal Border Crossers Says Mayor

It seems even ‘sanctuary cities’ have their limits.

A while back, Toronto city council made the virtue-signalling move of declaring Toronto a ‘sanctuary city,’ meaning people in Canada illegally could get access to taxpayer funded social services without having to establish their legal residency.

While the move was mostly about optics, it certainly sent a message that Toronto was the place to go for people who entered Canada in violation of our border. And it’s no surprise that Toronto has turned out to be the ‘preferred destination’ of the illegal border crossers who are being brought to the city at taxpayer expense.

But now, it turns out that reality of being a sanctuary city is far tougher than the good feels from making the statement.

As reported by the National Post, Toronto Mayor John Tory has sent a letter to federal MPs, saying the city can’t handle any more illegal border crossers (aka refugees and asylum seekers). Here’s what he said:

“Tomorrow, Toronto City Council will consider the attached report from our City Manager advising that Toronto has no further ability to accommodate new arrivals of refugee or asylum seekers in our system. (A)s of August 9, we will have no ability to accommodate the 800 refugees and asylum seekers currently housed on a temporary basis in dormitories at two Toronto colleges. Moving just this population of 800 … would require the emergency closures of multiple community centres in neighbourhoods across the City and the cancellation of public programming – a step the City is not prepared to take.”

Added Tory, “I think we can all agree that having the City scramble to find emergency shelter for each new wave of arrivals is not sustainable. What’s needed is proper housing and proper supports, something the City cannot provide on its own.”

This is where virtue-signalling meets reality, and the reality isn’t good.

It’s simply not sustainable for a country to let their borders be treated like a joke. We must choose who is and who isn’t allowed into Canada, rather than having that choice forced upon us.

It’s also a huge slap in the face to taxpayers – who are already overburdened – to expect them to pay for an ever-increasing number of people in Canada illegally.

John Tory’s belated entrance into reality (though he’ll probably start virtue-signalling right away) should be a lesson for all those – like Justin Trudeau – who think that their virtue-signalling words don’t have consequences. If you call yourself a ‘sanctuary city,’ don’t be surprised when tons of people enter the country illegally seeking ‘sanctuary.’

Spencer Fernando

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