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expect nothing less from the Liberal fascists.


We knew that this was coming, more and more, freedom is leaving, get rid of this corrupt traitorous government.
My son was just telling me about, radios in cars, becoming a monthly payment if you turn it on? I wonder is this fake news, hopefully?
Whats wrong with honesty, it makes life simpler and more pleasant. Lying is for people into bad things they are trying to hide or confuse with, so making a mockery of McKenna’s propaganda and confusion and the truth she hides certainly should be done, as that is true.


As long as this Trudeau, Liberal government remains in power, our free speech is on the line. Its clearly evident that Trudeau want’s to control the Canadian people. Canada has never been so divided. Trudeau has divided our country and caused so much anger and hostility amongst the people. Trudeau has caused financial strain and safety and security issues. This was once one of the safest, beautiful countries in the world. So sad for Canada and the true Canadians.

Bill D

It’s another tap on the wedge that’s being driven into the individual’s right to speak freely in spite of what the state might want.

Khalid H

Your account is next


Parody account’s are abound because if you post any TRUTH to the Government they have you shut down. Well I am not a parody account but have been shut out 5 times now for speaking my Political views on facebook. I then asked for my archive. They are shadowing any one who is Conservative On twitter I have been locked out 10 x’s over the past month for others who report my videos, links as spam or HATE. How can it be hate when it is a video with the person who is spreading the hate in the video themselves.… Read more »


“…The Prime Minister’s office is very sensitive about McKenna being mocked…”. On that basis, Justin better take down all of HIS social media accounts.

Ed R Peebles