Justin Trudeau Is Trying To Silence Us

Authoritarian effort to control social media is attack on our freedom of expression.

It’s happening.

The Trudeau government is taking concrete steps to silence our voices.

In just the past few days, the Trudeau government has convinced Twitter to ban parody accounts of cabinet ministers, and are now demanding that Facebook “take action” against what they call “fake news.”

Yet, it turns out that Facebook’s top person in Canada is Kevin Chan. He’s in charge of a new program to fight “fake news,” and will have control over which news stories on Facebook can be seen by Canadians.

And just who is Kevin Chan? He’s a former Policy Director for the Liberal Party.

As if that’s not enough, he helped Bill Morneau promote the Liberal budget.

That’s the guy who’s going to decide what is “fake news” or not in the upcoming election.

But even that isn’t enough for the Authoritarians. The Trudeau Liberals aren’t done.

Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad says “Social media companies should immediately take action to fight back against those who deceive and manipulate for political gain…. Right now it remains clear that more action must be taken.”

Clearly, they aren’t going to stop until all of us have been silenced, using the excuse of “fake news.”

They’ll do everything they can to stop websites like SpencerFernando.com from revealing the truth to Canadians. In fact, some people have already had trouble sharing articles on Facebook and noticed other ‘convenient’ problems accessing my website.

Make no mistake: This is an all out assault on Free Speech and the political opposition.

And that’s why we need to fight back.

A big part of fighting back is taking steps to bypass the social media networks. While we should keep sharing and tweeting, it’s also essential to share articles from SpencerFernando.com and other independent media through email. 

Talk to your friends and your neighbours.

Do everything you can to spread the word.

And if you can afford to contribute financially, it would make a real difference.

You can make a one-time contribution through PayPal, or you can become a monthly contributor through Patreon.


The Trudeau Government wants to silence us. But if we are strong, and if we use every tool at our disposal to get the truth out there, we will emerge victorious in the fight for Canada’s freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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There is a social media site called MEWE. It is different than FB and fairly quiet but you are allowed to Express what you want. I just fall back to FB by default but this liberal Gov. Is going too far. They are the ones who propagate fake news. Just bc they don’t agree doesn’t mean it is fake news.

J maertz

He is a dictator and a drug lord , biggest fake politatian, that can’t recognize what’s right or wrong, ignorant and can’t run government business as profesional, when things get tuft he takes days off, when you get to deal with Trump he will take 2 weeks off, Ignorant mankind , beside he is a female gropper, peoples has to remind your mother , he needs to baby sit , can’t make desicion beside the libs, he is a Mr Obama trainee, fallow up by George Soros, This is Canada down fall, Peoples need to get informed what’s behind the… Read more »

Valerie Clark

He’s FAR to arrogant to resign. Besides, he’ll be a billionaire by now. He’ll be easily removed in the next election. Canadians aren’t as dumb as he thinks.


J, Justin Trudeau hates Canada, he loves himself more. He most definitely love druggies, criminals, terrorists, Isis illegals. Canada jobs are leaving because of him and he blames Trump for it. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS JUSTIN’S RESPONSIBILITY; IT BECOMES OTHER PEOPLE’S RESPONSIBILITY. HE BLAMES EVERYONE FOR HIS DISASTER AND THE MEDIA RECANT THAT MESSAGE EVERY MINUTE. I like Pres. Donald Trump, unlike Justin, Donald loves his country and desperately wants to make USA great again, protect his country from unwanted illegals and criminals and terrorists. BUT, since Donald Trump is a conservative, and is doing the amazing job for his people,… Read more »


And not only that J M. Jihadi Justin Trudeau ‘luv’ women so much that he is purposely bringing back ISIS that went overseas to kill rape enslave women and girls, to roam the streets of Canada. Yet the media rants and rave at Donald Trump, for wanting to keep his people safe and protected from terrorists.
I likeDonald Trump.

Christian MOEHLING

Trump called out fake news stations and bypassed them by tweeting.trudumm however cannot stand the constant barrage of people who see right thru him and his drama & fake smarts..he plays right into anyones hands that has the least bit ofcommonsence …he cannot stand any of that becuz in his mind that is not allowed in his version of canada which is only that his version.now he wants to dictate legislation in that regard.setting his own guy in face book how does that even happen?double wammy and this is supposed 2 b some semblance of democracy.if people cannot read the… Read more »


Trudeau does not like criticism? Then he should not be a public figure. The Liberals are afraid their little egos are going to get ruffled so they want to shut down criticism. They should thank us for leading them in the right directions instead of straying away as they are trying to do ….THEY SHOULD BE DOING THEIR JOBS AND WORKING FOR us for WHAT WE PAY THEM, not against us. The taxpayers is starting to be VERY annoyed and VERY impatient!

Wendy Lush

And they thought Putin was corrupt..

What is ‘fake news’ after all? Only what you don’t believe in. And everybody disbelieves something.

And who is now the bearer of the absolute truth, Trudeau’s henchmen? Scary.


Now would be a good time for Canadians to learn to think for themselves anyway. Manipulated groupthink has got us to where we are and you can’t blame Harper for that. But I have doubts any given individual Canadian is capable of thinking and voting strategically. A country of sheep will always need a shepard to guide them to the global abattoir. We will see what our spine is made of, spaghetti or mettle. Grandma is cooking up some meatballs as we speak. Never could fool her.

tTommy Hawk

My comments over time about envisioning a scenario I have witnessed before and am familiar with in a number of instances, appear to be coming true. I predicted that once ‘he’ feels it appropriate and has the support of various individuals in any number of occupations across the country and sees an ‘opportune time’ to act, he will declare martial law. That ‘opportune time’ could be any number of ‘incidents’ that could be construed as ‘a threat to the stability of the country,’ or something along that line, that will be the time for imposing martial law — hence, ‘dictator… Read more »


People may ask what is it you like about Canada and I would normally say ‘the beauty, vastness, uniqueness in every province where in which each province offers their own traditional values’ that’s Canada for me.

Ask a media what they like about Canada and they will tell you ‘liberals and Justin Trudeau and everything Justin supports like criminals, drugged, terrorists Isis, illegals, corruption and doing away with Canada’s prosperity just as long his own prosperity remains intact’ IS THEIR CANADA.

al kendall

when things get tough or he feels like being a hero, he throws money at it or buys it with our tax dollars , I think its time for him to get lost and go spend his trust fund !


Does anyone else think we need a petition to make ‘freedom of speech’ part of the constitution. I’d be for adopting USA first amendment verbatim.