REPORT: The Vast Majority Of Illegal Border Crossers Are Not Being Detained

The Trudeau government repeatedly fails to take measures that would deter illegal border crossings.

Government stats show that the vast majority of illegal border crossers have not been detained.

With over 20,000 crossing illegally last year, and nearly 10,000 crossing illegally between January 1st and May 31st of 2018, just 643 were detained.

No deterrence

While I don’t blame the illegal border crossers for trying to seek a better life in Canada, the reality is that we can’t just let everybody in, and those crossing illegally are cutting in line ahead of those going through the legal process.

The reality of the border is that reducing illegal crossings is very much a psychological thing. If people see it as easy to cross illegally, and see the possibility of benefits from crossing illegally, then people will keep doing so.

Right now, people are looking and they’re seeing that crossing illegally rarely results in detentions, and then often leads to welfare cheques, work permits, and taxpayer-funded lodging (which is already creating a crisis in Toronto).

This is the result of the continued weak approach of the Trudeau government. By refusing to get tough, they are failing to create the necessary psychological deterrence to reduce illegal border crossings.

And while it may not seem ‘nice’ to get tough at the border by ensuring that illegal border crossings don’t come with benefits and results in expedited removal, it must be done. Otherwise, the cost to Canadian citizens and overwhelming of our social services will continue to worsen, and Canadian taxpayers will increasingly be treated like a piggybank for those violating Canada’s borders.

Spencer Fernando