REPORT: The Vast Majority Of Illegal Border Crossers Are Not Being Detained

The Trudeau government repeatedly fails to take measures that would deter illegal border crossings.

Government stats show that the vast majority of illegal border crossers have not been detained.

With over 20,000 crossing illegally last year, and nearly 10,000 crossing illegally between January 1st and May 31st of 2018, just 643 were detained.

No deterrence

While I don’t blame the illegal border crossers for trying to seek a better life in Canada, the reality is that we can’t just let everybody in, and those crossing illegally are cutting in line ahead of those going through the legal process.

The reality of the border is that reducing illegal crossings is very much a psychological thing. If people see it as easy to cross illegally, and see the possibility of benefits from crossing illegally, then people will keep doing so.

Right now, people are looking and they’re seeing that crossing illegally rarely results in detentions, and then often leads to welfare cheques, work permits, and taxpayer-funded lodging (which is already creating a crisis in Toronto).

This is the result of the continued weak approach of the Trudeau government. By refusing to get tough, they are failing to create the necessary psychological deterrence to reduce illegal border crossings.

And while it may not seem ‘nice’ to get tough at the border by ensuring that illegal border crossings don’t come with benefits and results in expedited removal, it must be done. Otherwise, the cost to Canadian citizens and overwhelming of our social services will continue to worsen, and Canadian taxpayers will increasingly be treated like a piggybank for those violating Canada’s borders.

Spencer Fernando

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Moe S.

Spencer your absolutely right. In addition to your comments. There are 57,000 pending asylum claims as of May 2018, in Canada. Europe’s leaders have failed miserably to come up with solutions to migration problems. People of Europe have hardened on migration, ie; France; Hungary; Poland; and Sweden. The ‘burden sharing’ in which other countries were to share the immigration burden, according to the European Union’s ‘open borders’ policy, has caused mayhem. Apparently, the illegal migrants would ONLY agree to go where there were ‘good welfare benefits.’ Trudeau’s gov’t’s open border policy is going in the same direction as Europe’s migrant… Read more »

joan fenske

Your postings that you send me are not able to be reposted on facebook….there seems to be something Blocking them….like maybe a friend of Trudeau’s Government or should I say dictator ship


Hopefully most of these people are just trying to find an easier life at someone else expense. We used to work very hard, in Canada to be honest and law abiding, with each other so we could have schools (they used to be the best in the world) healthcare and other social services that all could access, we worked and paid and helped one another, shared. had a pretty good life. Then this greedy society started and they were better than the rest of us and thought they deserved more and then more, what was their saying, “don’t work hard,… Read more »


There is only one solution to the problem and that is Trudeau most go in 2019. The new government must take on the task to vet these immigrants and deport all the illegals and with them send Trudeau. Trudeau should have been accountable for the destruction and the laws he broke, but somehow, someone is covering his BUTT. The media is to blame as well. Thank’s to reporters like Spencer the truth is reviled.


These illegals generally have very little money to support themselves, few job skills that are required in Canada no means by which they can support themselves without doing work under the table avoiding contributing any tax. Those that mean us harm can just disappear into our society without consequences. The Liberals seem to support radical terrorists and this is a way in which they can increase the risks.


But Trudeau is a crying bleeding heart soyboy full of emotion and compassion. He’s definitely not a national leader. I’ve NEVER seen such weak leadership in my life. They elected an emotional crybaby. You cant lead a nation to war if your sobbing constantly. Like wtf???