REPORT: Top Facebook Representative In Canada In Charge Of Fighting ‘Fake News’ Is A Former Liberal Policy Director

What could possibly go wrong?

“Oh, we didn’t think the Liberals would let us keep talking directly to you. We knew this was coming.”

That was recently tweeted by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, and it’s 100% correct.

Facebook has announced a new ‘fact checking’ system to fight ‘fake news.’ According to a Globe & Mail article about it, “Still suffering from a controversy over the misuse of its users’ data, Facebook has called upon Agence France-Presse (AFP) to pro-actively evaluate news stories in Canada for accuracy and to respond to complaints from users about fake news. To be unveiled on Wednesday, the third-party fact checking will run at least until after the next federal election in Oct., 2019, while covering news on upcoming votes in Quebec, New Brunswick and Alberta.”

Here’s how the system will work:

“On Facebook, AFP fact-checkers will rate the accuracy of news stories that appear in English and French, defining them as being true, false or offering inaccurate or misleading information. Facebook will add a warning to stories deemed misleading and offer other sources of information. False stories will be severely downgraded in the platform’s news feed, and users or sites that repeatedly post false news will face reduced distribution and advertising revenue.”

Here’s where it gets disturbing:

Facebook Canada’s head of public policy is Kevin Chan. Chan is responsible for running the anti-‘fake news’ program.

And guess what?

Kevin Chan was the former policy director in the office of past Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff.

As if that isn’t concerning enough, the Globe & Mail recently reported this about Chan:

“Facebook’s top representative in Canada told MPs he provided personal support to Bill Morneau in helping the Finance Minister promote his federal budget on the social media platform, but said none of his interactions meet the threshold required to register as a lobbyist. Kevin Chan, a former Liberal staffer who now works as head of public policy at Facebook Canada, told a parliamentary committee on Thursday that he met last year with Mr. Morneau to help him use the social-media platform.”

How can we believe the ‘fact checking’ system won’t actually turn into an anti-Conservative system?

As Rempel said “Bwahahahaha! The guy mentioned in this story, who is putting together the “fake news” checking system for Facebook was the ex-policy director for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. More like “are you Liberal enough” checker. What a joke!”

Adds Rempel, “I also note that the Globe story fails to mention this fact. What about stories like this that omit a key piece of information like that? Is that fake”

Assault on free speech

Let there be no doubt. The social media companies in Canada now appear to be taking their marching orders from the Trudeau Liberals. Here’s what Trudeau’s spokesman Cameron Ahmad said:

“The amount of deceptive, fake and misleading information and accounts targeting elected officials and diminishing the debate on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter, is increasingly concerning and, frankly unacceptable. Social media companies should immediately take action to fight back against those who deceive and manipulate for political gain…. Right now it remains clear that more action must be taken.”

Of course, we’ve seen that there’s never a call for a crackdown on Justin Trudeau’s endless lies and deceptions. Yet, when Canadians use social media to question the government, share our opinions with each other, and hold the corrupt elites accountable, all of a sudden the government demands that “action must be taken.”

This is clearly a total assault on free speech, and it shows the dangerously rising authoritarianism of the Trudeau government.

As I’ve said before, the whole system is broken and corrupt, and the evidence of that disturbing truth continues piling up.

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

So, politicians, who are leaders in generating fake news, are now going to appoint someone to decide what is and what isn’t fake news? That’s too funny, except, censorship of free speech is not and never should be managed by politicians, bureaucrats or anyone for that matter within a democracy.


Yes, exactly. The Liberals are behind the production of fake news. They do the fake news. Trudeau is now taking his role of dictator in a full fledged manner.

Ralph Knapp

“Fact checking” be damned! That’s plain old censorship in any free democracy.


Can’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what Trudeau says. The family has always admired brutal regimes and dictators and he obviously strives to be one. What frightens me is how quickly he and his gov’t are seeking to strip away our freedom here in Canada. Funny that this government doesn’t seem so “open and transparent” anymore. I am still remembering the article you wrote on Venezuela Spencer, and how we seem to be heading in that direction. Thanks for keeping us informed and please keep up the good work.


agree, without you, Spenser, we wouldn’t know a lot of things. Please keep up your good work….


This is totally depressing, another huge loss for our country, we are no longer a democracy, besides having only Lieberal/NDP propaganda and lies, false new, can the Conservatives still tell us the truth through some form of media? Or worse have they also been infiltrated and stopped, since again we hear so little about them unless it is a slur.
Spencer do you fear being stopped from reporting the truth, what can we do to stop them? This is really bad.


Next we can expect sites like this to be banned or manipulated and those of us who believe in free speech to be visited by the Trudeau gestapo Brown Shirts. When will the arrests, Liberal court hearings and automatic jailings start?

No wonder Trudeau wants to control and confiscate firearms. Canada, arm yourself.

Norbert Kausen

Yes, Del, I have been saying that for years. I’ve been watching it slowly being implemented in increments over a long period of time since 1971, when Trudeau put Canada under the War Measures Act and then again in 1977 when the Liberals implemmented the Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC), but could not exactly put my finger on it. I was later more informed about what was happening, by a former government accountant, around 1982, but was skeptical. I watched to see if what he stated, was happening and to my alarm, I found it happening as he said it would.… Read more »

Shawn Harris

True freedom, the very thing that Trudeau wants to subsum under his command , through the backdoor of the Liberal party. Has now decided that , since the public is no longer listening to him and paying attention to his deceitful virtuousness and lies; has declared war on those who choose to use freedom of speech and association to their fullest potential. As in any war, especially the war for your thoughts and mind, free speech is the first victim on the pathway toward dictatorship. And the cruelest part of this assault on our freedoms is that it is being… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

That is the real danger, Shawn, that Trudeau will either hijack the elections or simply suspend the elections altogether, by implementing some sort of martial law, just like his old man implemented the War Measures Act in 1971, and declare himself to be the dictator for an indeteriminate amount of time… just like his hero, Xi JinPing, has done in China. I am of the firm belief that the last elections were hijacked by the Liberals, bought and paid or by Geroge Soros… but that is only my belief, based on the fact that he was no where near any… Read more »


It’s really sad they don’t think folks can make up their own minds and either choose to believe or not believe what is real and what isn’t. Sometimes things are opinion, satiric, or real, and then sometimes called out as fake news because they don’t want the truth getting out. FACT CHECKER = CENSOR If I want fake news / scripted propaganda, I’ll turn on the idiot box and watch the talking heads at 6:00 p.m. otherwise, leave us alone and stop trying to constantly control all the narratives we choose to read or listen to. WAKE UP FOLKS –… Read more »

Ed R Peebles



Moe S.

Guess who Facebook Canada has put a cattle call out to for applicants? New graduates from the Ontario Faculties of Education who can’t get a foot in the doors of the Ontario Education system as teacher’s. Yes, hundreds of university indoctrinated social, eco, politically correct warriors who certainly won’t be paying for Trudeau’s carbon tax out of their own pockets, many are probably living under mommy & daddy’s roof. These good little warriors, snowflakes, educated to conform to authoritarian socialism. Who support gov’t debt. Believe in climate change. Don’t mind gov’t interfering in their lives. Are fine with open borders.… Read more »


Just another reason to vote this Traitor out!

Brian Dougan

“…third-party fact checking will run at least until after the next federal election in Oct; 2019.” Until after the next federal election? Therein lies the chilling truth. The liberals aren’t even trying to hide the true purpose of this crime–Censorship of the people who expose their blatant lies and fraud. I used to gnash my teeth at this pack of lying; liberal serpents–now I’m getting truly worried. This isn’t theater; our well being and country are in serious danger. It cannot continue. This Trudeau rodent has to be quickly removed from office. The serious damage this tool has done in… Read more »


Rempel is always bang on. Who polices the police? The Liberals appear to be controlling a private company, or do Canadians actually own it now? We can’t survive another year with the Turd at the helm (or is calling him Turd ‘Fake news’?).

Norbert Kausen

Sounds like the Chinese Communist Party is taking root and rising in Canada! Trudeau had stated that he admires the Chinese Communist Party and likes the way it gets things done. Now he is emulating the very system which is our enemy and a direct threat to our rights, our freedoms and our very democratic process!


Keep up your great work and pray they don’t ban you.