Trudeau Government Stiffs Canada’s Steel Industry, Builds New Navy Supply Ships With US Steel Instead

And the shipyard where it’s being constructed is owned by a US company.

As I’ve said many times before, Canada must have a much stronger homegrown defence industry in order for our nation to be truly independent.

That has been made extremely clear after a new Ottawa Citizen report which notes that Canada’s new navy supply ships are being built with American steel, not Canadian Steel.

As noted in the report, “The supply ships are being built at the Vancouver shipyards of Seaspan, which is owned by a U.S. company. The Department of National Defence confirmed the steel is being purchased from a mill in Alabama, a solidly Republican state that voted 62 per cent for Trump.”

And in case the Trudeau Liberals try blaming Harper for this one, the report makes clear that “The government awarded Seaspan an initial $66-million contact to begin building 52 sections of the new naval supply ships, or about 20 per cent of the vessels. DND said the steel for the ships was ordered “a number of months ago.”

The Trudeau government tried claiming through the Department of National Defence that no Canadian steel mill could provide what was needed. Yet, Canada’s steel industry disagrees.

“But Joseph Galimberti, president of the Canadian Steel Producers Association, said domestic firms can supply enough product. “There is capacity in the Canadian steel industry to participate in these projects,” he said Wednesday. “As a general rule, we have very high quality, quite innovative, extraordinary cost-effective producers in Canada and would like to be considered for participation” in the government’s shipbuilding programs.”

Also, the ships are being built at the Seaspan shipyards in Vancouver – which is owned by a US company.

So, despite Trudeau’s tough talk vs the US, his government stiffed Canada’s steel industry and used steel from the US instead.

It shows Trudeau’s ‘captain Canada’ rhetoric is nothing but empty words, and it shows how strategically vulnerable Canada remains due to our ‘leaders’ complete failure to build up our domestic defence industry.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

What else is new?? He does not like Canada and is determined to destroy it! He and his ilk MUST be removed from office!


Wasn’t there some kind of ship building contract started under Harper & didn’t trudo cancel it after he got in? I thought some were to be build in the east & some in the west?


Does Canada have anyone that is capable of leading our country? We are being scammed and lied to by our politicians on a continual basis. The whole political scene is nothing but theatrics mean’t to scam the public.

Jill Ward

Candace, you are 100% correct!

Eric Blair

In the same vein as this article I saw an item about Trudeau on BNN Bloomberg today [ on his majesty lining up meetings tomorrow, Thursday, with the CEO’s of Bell Canada, TD and Scotia bank. He has scheduled three separate meetings in a span of over 1 hour’s time. I wonder what important information he could obtain from these three CEO’s in such a short time. The two bank CEOs are on record as saying that things are not looking good for Canada and they ought to know. Then again it could be all window dressing to make… Read more »


That is what our government does, it lets foreign companies in and gives them grants and no or low taxes for so many years. The government orders our military boots from China and a boot factory here in Ontario, Canadian owned, is shut down. Wynne had steel made in China for bridges, in Ontario, that were designed in Spain. When we supposedly have educated people here without jobs and steel plants without cars in the parking lots and no smoke from the stacks at one and the other runs with temp. employees and it varies on how many cars are… Read more »


Did you ever think about, when we had tariffs in the old days ( before the globalists) and we had to have industry here and jobs and Canadian owned business, then we sold out and weakened Canada. We did not buy abroad very often back then, and it was usually good quality could buy here, made in Canada almost always and be happy you were keeping good jobs here.

alan skelhorne

no surprises there for sure
we all know that george has taught this pos how to kill a country.
when in hell are people going to wake up.

Kenneth Blazenko



Trudeau does NOT UNDERSTAND that his decisions do not add up. A mass illegal immigration REQUIRES a LOT OF RESOURCES and if Canadians dont have jobs, they will not be paying taxes and will also be takers of social welfare. Oh, the twit is planning more borrowing and planning to bankrupt the country. He wants to go down in history with this accomplishment.


just another lie from Trudeau!!! Can’t that man ever tell the truth about anything? Such a bag of garbage!!!


Another Liberal prime minister, Jean Chretien, was instrumental in destroying Burrard Dry Dock, the anchor industry of North Vancouver. The land the shipbuilder was on was worth more, to certain people who wanted to build condos, than it was as a heavy industry site for thousands of good paying blue collar and middle class jobs. My father, brother and many friends worked there. Burrard’s was encouraged to spend millions preparing a bid for a new icebreaker contract. Little did they know the bid was rigged in favour of an Irving shipyard on the east coast. Burrard’s went under, with the… Read more »


Simply another clear step in Trudeau’s planned destruction of the Canadian economy. Somehow, somehow we have to get rid of this dangerous Liberal Party. The next election might be too late.

Why don’t people listen to common sense? Trudeau is dangerous.

Please pass information like this on to as many as you can. Please support Spencer. Freedom isn’t free.

Moe S.

It appears when Trudeau screws-up, his gov’t throws money at the problem he’s caused. According to the Montreal Gazette Trudeau’s unappointed Deputy Minister (joking) Chrystia Freeland will announce on Friday which Canadian Steel & Aluminum companies and it’s workers, will receive $800 MILLION in gov’t aid. The money will be ‘spread out over several years.’ Those companies & workers affected will receive loans, loan guarantees, etc; while workers would receive help learning new skills etc. Sounds like a bribe to me. Just my opinion. However, that is $800 MILLION our Canadian Veterans need. Trudeau has pretty much dismissed our veterans… Read more »


Outrageous. Can you imaging any other country doing this?


why can’t I share your posts to face book any more ?