Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Could Cost Families Over $1000 Per Year

And it could get even worse.

While the Trudeau government continues hiding the cost of the carbon tax on Canadian families, Jennifer Winter – an economics professor from the University of Calgary – has provided more details on how costly it could be.

For some families, it could cost over $1000 a year.

As reported by the Financial Post,

“Using energy-consumption data from Statistics Canada, and imputing prices from average household expenditure on transportation fuels and provincial gasoline prices, Winter calculated the impact of the carbon tax on a typical Canadian household across different provinces. Far from being painless as advertised, the costs to households will be significant.”

The cost in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia will be $1,111, $1,032, and 1,120 respectively for the average household.

In New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and Ontario, the cost will be $963, $859, $788, and $707.

The lowest costs will still hit families with a hug tax increase, $683 in Manitoba, $662 in Quebec, and $603 in BC.

As if those huge tax hikes aren’t enough, as noted by the FP, this could just be the beginning:

“But it gets worse, since most experts say carbon prices must continue to increase sharply to effectively lower emissions. At $100 a tonne, for example, households in Alberta will pony up $2,223, in Saskatchewan they’ll pay $2,065 and in Nova Scotia, $2,240. In fact, at $100 a tonne, the average price for households in all provinces is well north of $1,000 per year.”

Remember, this was all supposed to be ‘revenue neutral.’ Instead, Canadian families are getting fleeced.

If Justin Trudeau had been honest and actually ran on tax increases the size of those listed above, the Liberals would have been crushed in the 2015 election. Instead, they lied to Canadians, made it seem like people wouldn’t notice any difference, and sold the carbon tax based upon a total deception.

As we can see, the carbon tax hurts Canadian families, damages Canadian businesses, and destroys our economic competitiveness, all without doing anything to change global emissions.

It’s a total failure, and it needs to be scrapped ASAP.

Spencer Fernando

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