Maxime Bernier Rips Justin Trudeau For “Totally Bungled” Trade Relationship With US

“But instead of thinking strategically, Trudeau and his minister Chrystia Freeland stupidly opened negotiations with new demands related to gender and aboriginal issues, labour rights and climate change,” says Bernier.

Maxime Bernier is ripping into the Trudeau government for the “totally bungled” trade relationship with the US, and is putting forward a “Conservative Economic Retaliation Plan.”

In a post on his website, Bernier said “The purpose of free trade is not to enshrine social programs and to virtue signal how “progressive” you are. It’s to remove trade barriers and allow businesses and consumers to exchange goods and services freely!”

“Everything the Liberals are doing is pushing us in the WRONG DIRECTION,” added Bernier.

In the post, Bernier put forward ideas to “restore our economic competitiveness:”

  • “We should make the strategic choices necessary to get an agreement with the Americans instead of virtue signalling and playing a phoney patriotism card.

  • We should remove our own trade barriers between provinces.

  • We should reduce taxes for all businesses and restore our tax competitiveness with the US.

  • We should scrap our carbon tax.”

To see the rest of the ideas Bernier shared, click the link below to read the full post. It’s well worth your time:


Spencer Fernando