Maxime Bernier Rips Justin Trudeau For “Totally Bungled” Trade Relationship With US

“But instead of thinking strategically, Trudeau and his minister Chrystia Freeland stupidly opened negotiations with new demands related to gender and aboriginal issues, labour rights and climate change,” says Bernier.

Maxime Bernier is ripping into the Trudeau government for the “totally bungled” trade relationship with the US, and is putting forward a “Conservative Economic Retaliation Plan.”

In a post on his website, Bernier said “The purpose of free trade is not to enshrine social programs and to virtue signal how “progressive” you are. It’s to remove trade barriers and allow businesses and consumers to exchange goods and services freely!”

“Everything the Liberals are doing is pushing us in the WRONG DIRECTION,” added Bernier.

In the post, Bernier put forward ideas to “restore our economic competitiveness:”

  • “We should make the strategic choices necessary to get an agreement with the Americans instead of virtue signalling and playing a phoney patriotism card.

  • We should remove our own trade barriers between provinces.

  • We should reduce taxes for all businesses and restore our tax competitiveness with the US.

  • We should scrap our carbon tax.”

To see the rest of the ideas Bernier shared, click the link below to read the full post. It’s well worth your time:


Spencer Fernando

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Can Bernier get some grey cells in the Liberal brains? The Liberals demands were totally ridiculous as if they WILLFULLY AND WILLINGLY do everything to destroy trade with the US. I guess the Liberals have not seen all the zeroooooooossssssssssss behind the daily and yearly amount of trades we do with the US.

Ben Eby

Finally, someone with intelligence points their finger at the idiotic negotiating skills of a the imbecilic Justin Trudeau and his equally foolish minister. How can Canadians not see the lunacy of this dunce PM, trying to intertwine gender and climate issues with trade negotiations. When Trudeau pounced on Trump after he left the G8 meetings, many Canadians….Conservatives included, sided with Trudeau. You got duped folks, I’m here to tell you, you sided with ignorance.


Sigh. He was almost the leader of the Conservative Party. What a blunder……and all because of his criticism of supply management.


It just proves that Bernier is the better man for PC Leader and he won but 13 votes went to the unknown Scheer when the others quit. Scheer should take a long vacation and let Bernier take over so that the Conservative party will beat Trudeau. Scheer thinks too much like a Liberal and lacks the knowledge and determination that Bernier has. Better yet Scheer should abdicate and let Bernier take over but it’s only wishful thinking.

Chris vrecko

Media reports nothing that might show the stupidity of themselves and the ignorant bunch in governnment. (libtards). The sheeple need to wake up, but they are fat and lazy and will not do or say anything until it’s to late. I agree Scheer should hand the position over but why do something that would help us!


That warm feeling you get from reading this is sanity returning. I am thinking about term limits now. No Liberals ever again.


Dear Grandpa speaks, I do not think we even have Liberals any more, do you? They were for democracy, in Canada. This party calling themselves Liberals, are globalists, one world domination puppets, and want no countries. This is a not for Canada pretend Liberal. I wish they were real Liberals, so how could any really true Canadian vote for them, if they know. Like you we need to hear the truth, Thank you Spencer. So you are so right no more fake puppets calling themselves Liberals, they are LIEberals!

Al Majauskas

I don’t believe there’s actually a thing like the old Liberal Party of Canada. It used to walk the centre and was nationalistic. Now it occupies the deep left, as do Democrats, and Euro socialist parties, and espouses globalism – the antithesis is nationalism. People like Trump, Bernier, Farage and Wilders in Holland, are nationalists. Trudeau is an extreme left-wing socialist globalist. But worse, he’s a stupid man. And for a stupid man to don the mask of intelligence is dangerous to all those who believe he understands anything he talks about.


Oh yes!!!

alan skelhorne

isn,t bernier the same guy that left top secrets with his girlfriend, there is alot more to this story why he didn,t win the leadership, the easy thing to do , is sit on the sidelines so you you can pick n choose the subjects that will make you look good. as of right now, trudeau is sffering bg time , while a real statesman by the name of mr. harper is doing what he should be doing. n we have more important things to worry about, than why mr. bernier didn,t win, is this another liberal trying to side… Read more »


Well, this is exactly what I personally figured would happen and have said so many times. Trump is a business man, that cares about the economy and jobs. He could care Less what these virtue signally mop heads want. What’s most amazing is his bunch of air heads still have supporters. On the matter of Max, both he and Sheer need to sit down and bury their differences for the good of the party. Max didn’t win the election, it’s over, and so all of them need to work together for the good of all Canadians and our country. Max… Read more »

Eric Blair

After reading this I joined the Mad Max group. Now I will be reading the following on a daily basis: Rebel Media, Spencer Fernando, Gatestone and Max Bernier. The first two I used to confound Liberals that I know as they don’t get any real information from their media sources, CBC and the others from the MSM. I especially give reference to Spencer as a good source of opinion on what is really happening in Canada and to Gatestone as to what is really happening in Europe viz a viz mass immigration. I contribute to the first three listed above… Read more »

Meta Noia

Statistics expose JT’s reign of failure. The most dramatic economic decline is in Ottawa, which currently has the worst economic losses in the world. The supposition that JT is wound up and released upon the Canadian economy in order to ruin it as quickly and devastatingly irreversible as possible, is now evidence in fact. Pierre was a diabolocally ruinous leader of this country, plunging Canadians into credit card debt and taking Canada’s financial standing from the black deeply into the red. Never has recovered. J.T seems to be a product of diabolocal conditioning or indoctination. Whatever it is, he’s bought… Read more »


While true, so what? At the end of the day, the PM got harder, more immune to attacks, will find his support away from Canada.
He’s one world government, open borders. I am totally against that. But so what? I don’t have the power. The only way since JT is the head, is to say things he will hear, build him up so he opens up and begins to want our approval. Right now, he does not care. How to get him to care? Not by bashing.


Fact: J. Trudeau is in power. For some time. What is the goal for ‘ripping into the PM?’. He’s raised and trained in politics, ie. how to manoeuvre, set up smoke screens and more. He’s consummate at ‘not hearing’. He was a drama teacher, and I suggest you rarely ‘see’ J. Trudeau. Maybe the Castro eulogy. So ranting and railing at the PM will produce what? The wanted result? J. T. has no interest in trade but he’s passionate about gender, so he talked about that. I believe (almost) everyone can be… reached, and most CAN make changes. Most politicians… Read more »


As I said, JT is PM, has control. What end result do you want of him? Raised in a political family, knows the ways to do what he wants. He’s not that different from other leaders with big egoes, thinks he’s fine. So what will he do with criticism? Likely go to those who buoy him up. Who’s that? They want something, know how to get it. Better Canadians find good points. Spin has been around a long time. Then the PM might be willing to give a little, admit à bit. It’s the results that matter;what effect the talk… Read more »


People say you cannot run a Government like a business! Well sad to say that if Government doesn’t set the precedent for business we are all doomed.

David MacKAY

So common sense that we expect….is coming from Bernier and not Scheer? Oh I almost forgot Scheer hates Bernier for not supporting but criticizing supply side management (Socialist program) that exploits Canadians and supports the Trudeau team and the Liberals Party who originally installed it. (Go Andrew go the Liberals love you too) Bernier has that other ability – “thinking on your feet” – Scheer is not so blessed and doesn’t seem to like that quality either, probably in anyone. Scheer seems to be surrounding himself with lack luster whelps and getting rid of any common sense types that could… Read more »