SOCIALISM: Venezuela’s Inflation Rate Hits 43,378%

How’s that utopia working out?

Socialism continues working its wonders in Venezuela.

Two years ago – with the economy already collapsing – one cup of coffee cost 450 Venezuelan Bolivars.

One year ago, it costs 2,300.

Today, it costs 1,000,000.

And according to the precise numbers calculated in the Bloomberg Cafe Con Leche Index (necessary because Venezuela’s socialist government doesn’t even publish inflation stats anymore), the inflation rate has now reached a shocking 43,379%.

Another triumph of socialism.

Of course, socialism fails miserably everywhere it’s tried, and when it collapses economically it also collapses politically, as the desperate Venezuelan socialist regime has rigged elections, ignored the constitution, jailed opponents, and used fear and violence to maintain power.

And yet, the usual fools keep claiming that ‘real socialism’ hasn’t been tried yet, and want to keep repeating the same garbage policies. Even here in Canada, ‘leaders’ like Trudeau want to let anybody and everybody into the country, while making taxpayers cover the cost of all of it, while restricting the source of economic growth with higher taxes and increased regulations – and are now cracking down on dissent.

So, for those who may think that what’s going on in Venezuela could never happen here, it’s useful to remember that nobody thought Venezuela – with the largest proven oil reserves on earth – could ever collapse to such a brutal extent.

Socialism is sold as utopia, but it always turns out to be a nightmare.

Spencer Fernando

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Sewer Rat

But you know Spencer, the socialists here will never listen to a word of this, and continue blindly down the path to destruction.


Venezuela’s problem started when they adopted a Proportional Representational voting system. It is typical of any country with a 100% P.R. system.
Just like Germany in the early 1900s adopted P.R. around 1930 the government failed, the economy collapsed and the system allowed for a paper hanger named Hitler to seize power blaming the world for their problems and declared war on it. Once the war was over the new government limited P.R. to 5% in 16 districts where it remains today. Venezuela’s system allowed a bus driver to seize power and is blaming the world for their problems.

Ivan Hawkes

Well, Canada has an ex part time drama teacher and seasonal snow board teacher to lead our parade. Is a bus driver any worse.? Maybe, but only a very little bit. Justin Turd Toe will wreck Canada beyond repair.


I was going to say I am sure glad I don’t live there, but wait, if we do not get the foreign puppet socialists dictators voted out very soon we could end up in a much worse situation. they are rapidly collapsing Canada. 2019 may be too far away


And the regime took over the oil business. Sound familiar?

don morris

Until a year ago, whenever anyone said, “it could happen here”, I disagreed, but witnessing Trudeau’s unbelievable ineptitude on so many fronts, I’m not so sure anymore.

Shawn Harris

And here we have Trudeau, the latest moth that is attracted to flame called socialism. Trudeau parades around like a true believer, telling everyone that if you would just surrender more of your life, income and freedoms to the government, then we all could have a true utopian society. While he tries to deceive everyone with his grand promises of a better tomorrow, he fails to disclose the grotesque examples of what real socialism looks like and the devastating effects it has on everything and everyone. He fails to mention these facts as he professes his love for failed dictators,… Read more »


Keep up the great work Spencer as you point out the dangers of “leaders” like the pathological liar Trudeau.

Ivan Hawkes

The socialist NDP in Alberta have been spending our hard earned money as though it has no consequence. They have become borrowing fiends, driving our provincial debt beyond double the billions already on the books. We went from less than ten billion to more than 40 billion in debt since they arrived, an astonishing achievement. Obviously they have absolutely no regard for the children of Alberta who will face debt slavery for countless years in the future. Venezuela has shown the reality of socialism, but along the vey same line goes Justin Turd Toe and Rachael Notley. Spend it like… Read more »