SOCIALISM: Venezuela’s Inflation Rate Hits 43,378%

How’s that utopia working out?

Socialism continues working its wonders in Venezuela.

Two years ago – with the economy already collapsing – one cup of coffee cost 450 Venezuelan Bolivars.

One year ago, it costs 2,300.

Today, it costs 1,000,000.

And according to the precise numbers calculated in the Bloomberg Cafe Con Leche Index (necessary because Venezuela’s socialist government doesn’t even publish inflation stats anymore), the inflation rate has now reached a shocking 43,379%.

Another triumph of socialism.

Of course, socialism fails miserably everywhere it’s tried, and when it collapses economically it also collapses politically, as the desperate Venezuelan socialist regime has rigged elections, ignored the constitution, jailed opponents, and used fear and violence to maintain power.

And yet, the usual fools keep claiming that ‘real socialism’ hasn’t been tried yet, and want to keep repeating the same garbage policies. Even here in Canada, ‘leaders’ like Trudeau want to let anybody and everybody into the country, while making taxpayers cover the cost of all of it, while restricting the source of economic growth with higher taxes and increased regulations – and are now cracking down on dissent.

So, for those who may think that what’s going on in Venezuela could never happen here, it’s useful to remember that nobody thought Venezuela – with the largest proven oil reserves on earth – could ever collapse to such a brutal extent.

Socialism is sold as utopia, but it always turns out to be a nightmare.

Spencer Fernando

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