Trudeau Really Does Admire China’s “Basic Dictatorship,” And He Wants That Power For Himself

China’s Communist government exerts ruthless authoritarian control over social media, to ‘preserve social harmony.’ Does anyone doubt that Trudeau wants to see the same thing happen here?

The Liberals tried passing off Justin Trudeau’s comments praising China’s “Basic Dictatorship” as a ‘joke.’

But we know it wasn’t a joke.

Trudeau really does admire the ruthless control China exerts over their population, and he wants that same power for himself.

In fact, the arguments being used by the Trudeau Liberals in their effort to control what news can be seen by Canadians on Facebook, and in their attempts to shut down Twitter accounts they don’t like, are disturbingly similar to the ‘social harmony’ argument used by Communist China to suppress free expression.

Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad recently said“Social media companies should immediately take action to fight back against those who deceive and manipulate for political gain…. Right now it remains clear that more action must be taken.”

Note how the Liberals are only worried when people are making fun of them. All of a sudden it becomes a societal issue, and ‘deception’ on social media is a huge concern for the government – despite all the lies they’ve told.

Of course, the government isn’t just asking Facebook to make changes. They have threatened government ‘regulation’ of the social network, so their request for “more action” is really a demand backed up by government power.

This is very dangerous, because it shows the true underlying attitude of the Trudeau government, something I pointed out on Twitter:

“One of the key features of authoritarian governments is that they can’t stand people laughing at them. They have no sense of humour. They attempt to control both traditional and social media to stamp out any ridicule of their leaders.

True democracies are different.”

“In democracies, leaders get subjected to constant ridicule, and are mocked relentlessly. And they have to accept that. That’s part of being a public figure in a free society. So when a government starts cracking down on funny parody accounts, it shows a dangerous mindset.”

“The more they fear losing power, the more the Trudeau government is trying to assert control over the networks Canadians use to challenge, criticize, and mock our government. Their anger at being laughed at shows that deep down, they have total contempt for democracy.”

Trudeau wants authoritarian power, and it’s increasingly clear that the government is moving in that direction. Canadians must wake up before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

That is EXACTLY what I see, as well!!! He is emulating his hero Xi Jinping and wants to keep absolute power for himself in Canada! I would not doubt if he comes up with some trumped up, bogus excuse to implement martial law, just like his old man who, unnecessarily, implemented The War Measures Act in 1970. I can see this dope trying ecactly the same thing to keep his power!

Ed R Peebles




Fascists are going to fascist, it’s what they do. What is disturbing are the clapping/preening seals supporting this fascist clown show.

Bob Fry

The year was 1933 and in Germany the Youth movement called the Brown Shirts of Adolf Hitler, ransacked the bookstores of the Jewish people and on a eventful night they burned all the Jewish books in the streets, the Jewish store owners had to display the Star of David on their stores to tell German citizens that this was a Jewish business. This has overtures of what Justin Trudeau is quietly doing to Canadians, monitoring Face Book and Twitter under the banner of false news. Limiting and potentially blocking free speech on these communication sites. The Liberals want to stifle… Read more »