While Investment Collapses & Our Trade Relationships Go Up In Flames, The Trudeau PMO Is Focused On Parody Twitter Accounts

Good to see the government focused on what really matters…

As we know, governing is about priorities.

And at a time when our economy is weakening, investment is collapsing, and our relationship with our top trading partner is going up in flames, the Trudeau PMO is focused on Twitter parody accounts.

Let that sink in for moment.

As noted in the Toronto Red Star, a spokesman for the Trudeau PMO “said it will “remain vigilant” in asking social media companies to remove accounts that impersonate MPs. “Elected officials of all stripes have long been the targets of impersonation accounts on various social media platforms, whether they are politically motivated, run by trolls or scam artists seeking donations,” Matt Pascuzzo wrote.”

“Remain vigilant” is usually what governments say about the threat of terrorism, or when they’re dealing with a serious economic problem – perhaps like a trade war with our biggest trading partner.

The fact that the Trudeau government and PMO have spent days focused on these parody accounts – and have no doubt spent tons of time behind the scenes ‘dealing’ with it shows once again how skewed and broken the priorities of this government are.

It’s like fiddling while Rome Burns.

Spencer Fernando

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