Why The Hell Should Harper Have To Tell Trudeau Before Visiting The White House?

Elitist media is more worried about worthless ‘conventions’ and process issues than Justin Trudeau’s failure to put Canada’s economy in a strong position.

With Canada’s relationship with the US deteriorating, investment collapsing, our economy weakening, and Trudeau building naval ships with US steel even as he poses as a ‘defender’ of Canada, most Canadians would be glad to hear that former PM Stephen Harper is planning to visit the White House next week.

Harper plans to meet with the current US National Security Advisor John Bolton – who Harper knew from his time as PM when Bolton was the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Yet, instead of bringing attention to Trudeau’s growing failures, much of the media has been focused on worthless process issues, in biased anti-Harper coverage.

For example, almost all the media reports about Harper’s planned White House visit make mention of the fact that Harper didn’t tell the Canadian government about his planned trip, and try to make that seem like a negative thing.

Which brings up the obvious question: Why the hell should Harper have to tell the Trudeau government anything?

Given how horribly Trudeau has managed trade issues, and given Trudeau’s rampant dishonesty, it’s clear the PMO would have tried to scuttle the trip or manipulate it for political gain.

By not telling the government, Harper reduced the possibility of sabotage.

Considering that Canada-US relations are at rock-bottom, Harper’s visit couldn’t possibly make things worse, and could make things better. After all, rather than focus on virtue-signalling radical leftism, Harper focuses on actual trade issues – a far more effective approach than Trudeau’s crashing and burning ‘strategy.’

Spencer Fernando

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The Fact that the Media is so focused on making Canadians believe that Harper didn’t let Trudeau know that he was going to the White house is suspicious! They are hell bent on driving home that point to Canadians. Makes me think that the opposite is probably true. Trudeau knew Harper was going to do damage control. Justin was probably told by his handlers that this would be best, and so Justin could save face, the media has been instructed to convince Canadians that Trudeau has no idea, and was not informed of Harper’s plans! I was astonished at the… Read more »


The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, who would still be our best honest Prime Minister, if as I believe the last election was rigged especially by foreign groups. I still cannot believe any Canadian in their right mind would vote for LIEberal/NDP a foreign puppet party, and I pray their eyes have finally been opened. The whole mess Canada is in now is because of spendthrift Lieberal/NDP hate of Canada, globalist agendas. The Right Honorable Stephen Harper would have been well on his way to making Canada a much better Country, with more jobs and way less debt, he is honest… Read more »


Thank you, Nancy. You have captured the very essence of my take on why we now have the Trudeau government in power, a dark chapter in Canadian histoty. The darker stpry is that we had the very best and most qualified Prime Minister ever in Stephen Harper, but were seduced bt smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, manipulation of the minds to accept the most outrageously incompetent governance ever, in Justin and his cronies. It is hopeful that Mr Harper can negotiate properly to assist Canada to weather this terrible situation.


I have not doub that Harper visit can only make things better. But with Trudeau’s policies and behaviour, Trudeau will find a way to put a monkey wrentch in ANYTHING that could be accomplished. In a normal government, your would want Trudeau to collaborate but with the Liberals, NOTHING IS NORMAL. Destruction = Trudeau. Obama did not tell Trump when he visited dignitaries of other countries and he was not criticized. So really, looking for the bug.

Max Dubois

Why? Because it is rudimentary political etiquette and someone who is an ex prime-minister should know this. The issue in our country is that we do not respect democracy and elected officials unless they belong to our political party. Liberal voters and politicians need to respect Conservative PMs and vice versa otherwise our country looks like a joke to the outside world. Creating websites directed at the non-educated which contain nothing by hate are non productive and as a true Canadian it is disappointing for me to see this. Liberal media most certainly over-exaggerates and fabricates many things in their… Read more »


no …totally disagree, the fact that Harper is acting on his precedents which are certainly more economically sound than those created on clay by the current ” leader ” ( such an abuse of terminology ), is perfectly acceptable to those who can see …. no reason why Harper has to bow to the idiot now in charge and not attempt to hopefully save what is bound to happen.


Spencer Fernando is a ” true” Canadian, who believes strongly in Democracy, and truth with a strong helping of caring for his country, nothing he has written is about *hate” or draws in “hate” or “uneducated” people. His factual articles are for truthful Democracy and protecting freedom of speech, and with this unethical foreign funded, debt loving government who lies outright to “true” Canadians who want to keep democracy and a independent country with boarders and truth. I could see the how we were loosing our democracy even with all the supporting communist, propaganda socialist slant in our mainstream media… Read more »


Mr. Harper is a private citizen and can visit whoever he damn well wants to. So can you. Canadians DO respect democracy, Liberals don’t. Nobody, particularly elected officials, gets automatic respect, it has to be earned. Trudeau hasn’t even started. Other than Freiland, there isn’t a single Liberal that has done anything to earn our respect. She is trying hard. Canada is now the only country in world history to lose $100 billion in foreign investment in less than a year, ALL because of Trudeau. Do a bit of research regarding the failure of the Liberals to enforce much of… Read more »


Another brain dead lackey of the left! Plenty of you bohumps out there.

Moe S.

“it is a rudimentary political etiquette,” I beg to differ. It is and always has been a ‘courtesy’ gesture by former Prime Ministers and there is NO legislative bill or law that states former Prime Ministers MUST or are OBLIGATED to notify the present governing Prime Minister!


I admire Stephen Harper. He is a man of principal’s and morals, not like Mr. SELFIE, gender, feminine Trudeau. Trudeau is the biggest ass that ever represented Canada and he is a disgrace to Canadian’s. Too bad Harper didn’t keep his seat in parliament, but the mainstream media made sure that his name was smeared. Simple minded people bought the media lies. One can only wish that come 2019, Mr. socks, oh MR. Dressup will be voted out.

Norbert Kausen

Harper doesn’t have to tell Trudeau anything, but, Trudeau is very clearly attempting to emulate his favorite dictator/hero, Xi jinPing and is turning Canada into a totalitarian dictatorship!

alan skelhorne

if trudeau is embarrassed so be it, the usa knows that a statesman is coming to visit them not a boy toy.

Ben Eby

Right on Alan!


Great article Spencer. Maybe Canada can become like the former USSR ( another country whose leaders were so admired by Trudeau SR ) and Harper and anyone else will need the government’s permission to leave or face arrest. Isn’t that still the same deal in China, Cuba, and Venezuela? Kind of a who’s who of favorite Trudeau family places.

Ed R Peebles



Shawn Harris

Once again , when faced with a real crisis, Trudeau tries to deflect attention away from himself and his failures to blame someone else for making his own problems even worse. Ironically, it would appear , that by Trudeau and Butts complaining about Harper’s visit to the white house, they are actually confirming the obvious to everyone; that Trudeau , Butts et al are very much clueless and have no one to blame but themselves for the mess of their own making. Trudeau and his negotiating team have chosen the wrong pathway for negotiating, by saying with each and every… Read more »

Roger Shelswell

It is none of the socialist terrorist lovers business what Mr. Harper or anyone else does to try to save this country from the trudope blunders. Trudeau is finished. He is only putting in time and in 2 or 3 years he will be nothing but a bad memory just like his old man is now.

Ben Eby

Why should there be any concern about Harper’s visit to Washington, after all Trudeau is doing such a remarkable job of running the country…..isn’t he??

Roy Miles

I think Harper still believes he’s the our PM. Just stay home or disappear.

John Higgins

…and I think that narrow minded nitwits just like YOU are the root of all of our problems. Even if it turns out that Harper is going to Washington for the purpose of getting involved in the current trade problems, he is very highly regarded by people in the real world, and we need all the help we can get before ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put Humpty back together again’.

Joe Camelteau

I am sure that Harper is involved with Trump to further undermine Trudeau’s credibility. Trump likes that type of theatrics. I am not surprised that Harper would do this. He is very devious and often collaborates with the wrong people.

John Higgins

Joe Camelteau You, sir, are dreaming in technicolour.