Why The Hell Should Harper Have To Tell Trudeau Before Visiting The White House?

Elitist media is more worried about worthless ‘conventions’ and process issues than Justin Trudeau’s failure to put Canada’s economy in a strong position.

With Canada’s relationship with the US deteriorating, investment collapsing, our economy weakening, and Trudeau building naval ships with US steel even as he poses as a ‘defender’ of Canada, most Canadians would be glad to hear that former PM Stephen Harper is planning to visit the White House next week.

Harper plans to meet with the current US National Security Advisor John Bolton – who Harper knew from his time as PM when Bolton was the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Yet, instead of bringing attention to Trudeau’s growing failures, much of the media has been focused on worthless process issues, in biased anti-Harper coverage.

For example, almost all the media reports about Harper’s planned White House visit make mention of the fact that Harper didn’t tell the Canadian government about his planned trip, and try to make that seem like a negative thing.

Which brings up the obvious question: Why the hell should Harper have to tell the Trudeau government anything?

Given how horribly Trudeau has managed trade issues, and given Trudeau’s rampant dishonesty, it’s clear the PMO would have tried to scuttle the trip or manipulate it for political gain.

By not telling the government, Harper reduced the possibility of sabotage.

Considering that Canada-US relations are at rock-bottom, Harper’s visit couldn’t possibly make things worse, and could make things better. After all, rather than focus on virtue-signalling radical leftism, Harper focuses on actual trade issues – a far more effective approach than Trudeau’s crashing and burning ‘strategy.’

Spencer Fernando

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