ABOVE THE RULES?: Hypocritical Trudeau Applies His Misconduct Standards To Others, But Not Himself

Once again, his virtue-signalling is revealed as pathetically empty rhetoric when it comes to actually backing it up.

One rule for those at the top. Another for everyone else.

That’s the core of the corrupt elitist mindset doing so much damage to Canada and other countries around the world.

And clearly, it’s the core of Justin Trudeau’s worldview.

Consider the whole #TruGrope issue, where a newspaper editorial notes a reporter saying Trudeau groped her, and even includes his apology.

Considering that it happened many years ago, and Trudeau apologized, most fair-minded people wouldn’t see it as something Trudeau should resign for, and would be content to leave it in the past.

Except, Justin Trudeau has repeatedly talked about a much tougher standard.

He says that all accusations should be believed, and that something happening in the past is no excuse for avoiding accountability now. He’s taken a full zero-tolerance approach to all accusations, and has even kicked out members of his own Liberal caucus based on allegations.

So why hasn’t he resigned himself based upon his own stated ‘standards’?

The establishment media is only now barely talking about the story, and the PMO issued a statement saying Trudeau doesn’t “remember” any negative interactions. Of course, he can’t call the woman a liar, since he’s said all accusations should be believed, and he can’t admit to it either, because then he would have to resign.

Instead, he’s just hoping the compliant Liberal media will make it all go away, and hopes he’ll get away with the rampant hypocrisy he used to end the careers of two of his fellow Liberal MPs while skating on by himself.

Once again, Justin Trudeau’s virtue signalling as a ‘woke’ “feminist” is revealed to be pathetically empty, and his elitist arrogance continues to break all the records.

Watch more about Trudeau’s hypocrisy in the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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