Pathetic: The Biased Elitist Media Is Already Attacking The Doug Ford Cabinet Over ‘Diversity’

The people of Ontario decisively rejected virtue-signalling identity politics in the election campaign. Clearly, the establishment elites haven’t gotten the message.

Justin Trudeau got a months-long (even years-long) honeymoon of fawning coverage from the elitist media when he first took office.

Doug Ford’s media honeymoon didn’t even last a day.

In what seems to be an organized and coordinated messaging attack, the elitist media is saying the Ford Government’s new cabinet isn’t ‘diverse’ enough.

Rather than focus on the experience or talent of the cabinet ministers, the elites are claiming there aren’t enough women and minorities in the group.

So much for talking about whose best for the job.

That attack was seen on Power & Politics, and in newspaper articles – including the Canadian Press, an excerpt of which is below:

In an article titled “Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Tory cabinet criticized for lack of diversity,” they say

“But while the cabinet drew praise for enlisting members with considerable public and private sector experience, critics also noted the fact that only seven women and one visible minority currently have a seat on the front benches.

Two out of three opposition parties said the makeup of the cabinet does not reflect the diversity of either the Tory caucus or the province as a whole.

Political observers also noted the lack of diversity, but said the current cabinet composition makes an effort to balance different sets of interests including regional representation and willingness to commit to the promised agenda.

The Progressive Conservative party did not respond to a request for comment.”

Why the hell would the PCs want to respond to a request for comment from the media on that?

They didn’t even give the PCs a day of decent coverage. The government hasn’t even been in office for 24 hours and the media is already playing a pathetic identity politics game.

Nobody should give a shit about the race or gender of cabinet members. What matters is if they can do the job or not.

But instead of focusing on merit, or giving coverage to the goals the new Ontario government has in their effort to clean up the huge mess left-over from Wynne, the media is trying to play the same radical-left political games that Ontarians just rejected.

This kind of obvious anti-Conservative bias and bias against the choice of the People is why trust in the establishment media is collapsing, and nobody should blame the Doug Ford government if they increasingly decide to bypass the media entirely and speak directly to the People without the terrible media filter.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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