REPORT: Skip The Dishes Winnipeg Headquarters Brings In Over 80 Workers From Brazil

Company says they also hire people from the ‘US, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.’

A report by Global News reveals that Skip The Dishes has brought in over 80 workers from Brazil to work in Canada.

The workers will be doing ‘software development and coding work.’

In addition to the workers from Brazil, “the company has also hired people from the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and say they do not receive a government grant to hire these workers.”

Many will question why the company didn’t hire people from within Canada. After all, it can be hard to believe that there was somehow nobody available in all of Canada to do those jobs.

This has been a trend seen unfortunately often in Canada – even at times when the workforce participation rate has reached record lows.

But even this is small potatoes compared to what could be awaiting Canadian workers.

Hidden within many ‘free trade’ deals, are clauses allowing foreign companies to bring in workers from their countries in massive amounts. In fact, China is reportedly demanding that any ‘free trade’ deal with Canada give them the power to bring in tons of workers. As you can imagine, that would be devastating for Canadian workers.

Spencer Fernando