REPORT: Toronto City Councillor Says “The Federal Government Has Correctly Opened Our Borders”

And he wants even more taxpayer money to be spent.

The elitist media has been trying to claim that ‘nobody wants open borders.’

Despite the desire of the elites for our borders to be erased, they know that the vast majority of citizens don’t support that, so they try to hide their true views.

But now, the game has been given away by radical-left Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy.

Here’s what Cressy recently said on Twitter:

“The Federal Government has correctly opened our borders. As they should. We are a welcoming country and better for it. But their responsibility to refugees doesn’t end at the border, it must include housing supports to settle our new neighbours.”

There you go. Cressy admits it. The federal government has “opened our borders.”

While his views are crazy, at least Cressy deserves credit for being honest about what’s really happening, as opposed to the Trudeau government who laughably try to claim they’re somehow enforcing our border while leaving it wide open.

Of course, Cressy’s radical ideology would lead to a disastrous situation, and it’s already starting to happen.

Being a ‘welcoming country’ is a great thing, but that welcome should be on Canadians terms – through the legal immigration system, not by having people force themselves into Canada by crossing illegally.

And the whole idea of making a city a ‘sanctuary’ for those in Canada illegally – which Cressy clearly supports – has already overwhelmed Toronto’s emergency shelter system and added to the burden on taxpayers.

Cressy fails to realize that the emergency shelter system and social programs exist to serve the citizens, and can’t be sustained if people are allowed to illegally enter Canada through open borders.

It’s also ‘interesting’ how generous Cressy is with other people’s money, as he expects the taxpayers to keep forking over more money to pay for his open borders ideology. Does Cressy plan to donate his salary to illegal border crossers? Doubtful.

This is the end-game of the left: Open Borders. Taxpayers Fleeced. Citizenship Means Nothing.

That’s not the Canada most of us want, but it’s the Canada the left is desperately trying to force on us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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