VIDEO: In First Speech As Premier, Doug Ford Promises “Hope & Prosperity, Not Just For The Privileged Few, But For Every Person In Ontario”

“You have trusted us to keep our word.”

The era of Liberal elitism and arrogance in Ontario is over.

In its place is a government elected based upon promises to represent the forgotten taxpayers of Ontario, who voted en masse for a new direction.

In his first speech as Ontario Premier, Ford stayed true to what he said in the campaign, promising that he would govern on behalf of the people, and saying the new government would work for “hope & prosperity, not just for the privileged few, but for every person in Ontario.”

Watch Ford’s full speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well, let’s hope that “…every person in Ontario” doesn’t include outsiders who invade our country and want to kill us all based on their backward idiotic ‘religious’ views. Because if it does, then I’m one who will leave this country for another that don’t allow these viruses who ruin countries and lives of the native peoples.