WATCH: Doug Ford Sworn-In As Ontario Premier

A government for The People.

Doug Ford has been sworn-in as the 26th Premier of Ontario, after leading a populist revolt against the corrupt Liberal elites and sweeping the Ontario PC Party back into power with a massive majority.

You can watch the swearing-in ceremony below:

Ford also unveiled a smaller cabinet, in keeping with his promise to streamline the government.

On Twitter, Ford said “To our newly sworn-in cabinet, and our skilled team of MPPs – we have a critical task ahead of us. But I know our team is ready and no matter what, we will never forget that we owe this opportunity to the people.”

“I will never forget why I’m here: to work for the people of Ontario,” said Ford. “I promised the people that I would help make our great province the best place in North America when it comes to business, creating jobs and raising a family. And I am going to keep my promise.”

While Ford and the PC government face many challenges left over from the failed Liberal elites, his policies and approach bring the hope of economic strength, prosperity, and fiscal responsibility to Canada’s largest province.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube