REPORT: Conservatives Demand To Know How Much Illegal Border Crossers Will Cost Canadian Taxpayers

Canadians deserve answers from the Trudeau government. After all, it’s our money being spent.

As the flow of illegal border crossers continues unchecked, Conservatives in the House of Commons are starting to demand answers about how much these illegal crossings will cost Canadians.

According to a recent report, “In response to a request from Conservative MP Larry Maguire, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) will take on a global accounting exercise to determine what costs have been incurred to date and how much the stepped-up pace of irregular migration might cost in the future.”

Said Maguire, “We just need to know, as Canadians, what the costs are and how the government intends to handle it in the future, given that many of our communities are becoming very loaded with the numbers of refugees, coming in to Toronto, Montreal and other areas. We need to know from these various departments just what the total costs are going to be.”

This is important, since we’re already seeing some of Canada’s largest cities get overwhelmed, and there’s no end in site to the illegal crossings over the border.

In fact, things are likely to continue worsening, as the Trudeau government has shown zero sign of ensuring our border is protected.

And with cities asking the federal government for tens of millions more, and the burden on social services increasing by the day, the situation for Canadian taxpayers is concerning.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the radical leftists want even more money spent and even more people to cross illegally. They want totally open borders, as Toronto city councillor Joe Cressy recently said on Twitter:

“The Federal Government has correctly opened our borders. As they should. We are a welcoming country and better for it. But their responsibility to refugees doesn’t end at the border, it must include housing supports to settle our new neighbours.”

Of course, in Cressy and Trudeau’s world, Canadian taxpayers get turned into a piggybank to cover the cost of our open borders. More and more people would enter Canada illegally, reducing the services available to taxpayers, and pushing those trying to cross legally to the back of the line.

As I’ve said before, the government doesn’t have unlimited resources, meaning choices need to be made about where money is spent. And a government that truly serves the people would ensure that our border is protected and our tax dollars directed towards helping Canadian citizens, rather than taking more of our money away to pay for the cost of open borders.

But that’s not what Trudeau is doing, and that’s why the Conservatives are right to be pushing for answers as to how much this is costing all of us.

Spencer Fernando

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Moe S.

1988 – Trudeau senior passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Act into law.
2017 – Trudeau junior welcomes the world to Canada #WelcomeToCanada.
2018 – June 27th Trudeau press release celebrating 30th anniversary of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. The prior weekend 600 more illegal immigrants arrived at the Quebec open border. Father & Son both socialists with socialists agendas.


The sooner the election the better for Canada and Canadians, this needs to be stopped or organized and paid for by these elite rich Lieberals/NDP and we need our country back.


Governments are NOT responsive to the needs of it’s people anymore and I believe there is much more to this than what appears on the surface.
For as long as there is always a catalyst to maintain infighting, those responsible stay out of the spotlight while continuing their global agenda.
‘Divide and conquer’
*The solution may be in Direct Democracy.


Trudeau government has stressed me to anger and I have never felt this way ever before. We have become a three-ring circus. In the end, Canadain’s will lose. Have you ever really looked at the scored’s of men coming through? Just a few more decades and we won’t know our country. We will become the minority and that’s a scary thought. Trudeau has made everything possible for one culture of people. He opposes’s the Christian’s and likely the jews as well. It feels like a really bad dream. Yet I still can’t understand why anyone, even the Liberal’s would want… Read more »


Why? Because we refuse to accept uncomfortable truth. The polarization between Globalists and Nationalists is what really sneaks in across our borders. The globalists know open borders will cause a clash of cultures. To understand why one has to set their sights a little higher than Trudeau. To allow those that cause the crisis to engineer the recovery will enslave man for centuries. They would like us to believe they are the shining knight carrying a red shield riding in on a pale horse to save us. Order out of chaos. As it has been since Napoleon, so it shall… Read more »

David MacKAY

Trudeau standard answer on where will the money come for will soon be “The Carbon Tax revenue will take care of it”
The Conservatives will rue the day their foolish leadership ever supported a Carbon Tax.
A Fake Tax
For a Fake problem
How save the world Canadian is that?

Greg Swanson

Both Father and son had and have dictatorial ambitions. The only way in this country to ensure freedom is to protect the individual and to put limits on the power of government. Left or Right, totalitarian dictatorships spell trouble. The present prime minister continues to sow division in this country by using identity politics in order to keep himself in power. The result is an ever increasing reduction in personnal rights and an increase in power in the PMO,


The “refugee” crisis has cost Toronto more than $64.5 million since the illegal claimants started to arrive in 2016. The mayor is seeking additional funding from the provincial or federal government, though Tory says the Trudeau government should feel obliged to assist since Toronto is merely feeling the effects of its liberal immigration policies. There are no suggestions of what the city can do in lieu of greater capacity or increased funding. Canadian policy won’t turn illegals back and it can take two years to compete a refugee hearing — and all the while, the new arrival is entitled to… Read more »