WATCH: Trudeau Government Caught In Big Lie About Trans Mountain Pipeline Construction

Bill Morneau said it would start “immediately.” It hasn’t.

When the Trudeau Liberals nationalized the Trans Mountain pipeline, Finance Minister Bill Moneybags Morneau said the construction would start “immediately.”

It was a big part of the government’s pitch to get Canadians to support the nationalization, as the government repeatedly said “this pipeline will be built,” and stated that nationalizing it would make sure it got started right away.

Now, we know that was a big lie.

In a surprisingly critical segment by power & politics, Moneybag’s own words were played back, where he was clear that construction was starting “immediately,” and was moving forward “right away.”

But it hasn’t started.

And when power & politics asked Morneau’s office what was going on, they received a reply that included this:

“Specific details regarding the cost and timing of the project will be subject of ongoing commercial negotiations.”


That sure doesn’t sound like something starting “immediately” and “right away.”

Once again, the Trudeau government has been caught lying to the Canadian People.

Watch more in the video below:

Imagine how people would have reacted if the government said, “we’re spending billions of your tax dollars nationalizing the Kinder Morgan pipeline so construction can maybe start at some undetermined day in the future.”

So, instead saying that – which would have been honest – they sent Morneau out to lie and say it was starting immediately.

Making all of this more disgusting is that these same lying corrupt Trudeau Liberals are demanding the power to determine what is and isn’t considered “fake news,” even though they’re the biggest liars in the country.

Clearly, the Trudeau government wants to suppress dissenting opinions while being free to hit Canadians with their dishonest propaganda over and over and over again in their attempt to destroy the very idea of truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Anybody that believes anything this govt has to say is for a rude awakening,they are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves

Ed R Peebles

This Matter is Crystal Clear to Me and anyone who pays attention to this Governments Style of dealing with any press release to the public they use the “Carbon Tax Method” and tell you anything but the TRUTH !


Brian dougan

What is wrong with these media people? As my mother used to say; [they’re] “majoring on minor points.” Why not carry their nonsense to the extreme? Throw some robots into Premier elect Ford’s cabinet–may as well have the AI (artificial intelligence) industry represented. Repeat with me–“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength!” Retch. This vacuous tripe sickens me; we’re assaulted with it every day. And every day; this country faces serious; serious problems….. While the media focuses on gender, and the socks worn by the Fool on the Hill. I’m afraid Canada’s kaput–“broken and useless; no longer working or… Read more »


You know in Candace Malcolm’s column today, June 30, she accurately said that unity is our strength. This tirelessly lying government is making us all nuts with frustration. I would like to hear the CBC continue to call out Trudeau and abandon their torrid affair with the Liberals in favour of truthful unbiased investigative journalism. If they do I would ask PM in waiting Andrew Scheer to give them a 4 to 5 year reprieve during which time he won’t dismantle them.


Bruce please, with our very fast growing wasteful Federal debt, these horrible divisions in Canada instead of unity they speak of, some very radical groups with unfair laws to protect them now and even protecting proven terrorists, the lies they tell with the big dog and pony dramas, like the pipelines all approved ( the most envriormental way) and cancelled by the Lieberals one by one after their foreign supported election , then spending more tax dollars to buy what could have been successfully completed by a private company, thus over 100 billion dollars in investment fleeing Canada, many good… Read more »

Christina Kruk

When the KING OF LYING BASS-TURDS comes out and opens his mouth, what else can be expected to come out of his mouth. And Mourn-dough?!….. I almost expect him to have a squint in one eye and hump on one shoulder, drag one foot (which one would depend on the time of day) and go by the nickname EYE-GORE! Good Lord, what a merry bunch has True-doughinstien and his minions!


Canadians do not deserve to be lied to by this government, they are false, but they have said in Canada and in Europe that they want to faze out our oil, on one side, then they are supporting it on the other? But by nationalizing it with our money, it is much easier to do as they please, when they please, and tell us whatever they please, holding us, with our own debt and tax money hostage. So sad, we need an election very soon, and the people voting for this party should be paying much more tax to support… Read more »

Dave Bainard

These liberals need to become extinct at the next election.


Actually I don’t know if they’re the biggest liars I think they’re just the ones that are being the most obvious about it I think some of the lies that we’ve been told since the 60s that people don’t want to acknowledge and realize are a lot bigger For instance what happened to the banking system when Trudeau senior was in power that’s the biggest lie that none of you even want to realize Canada has been sold in the 60s to the World Banking syndicate and since then all the governments It doesn’t matter who is in power is… Read more »

Robin Ramberg

This phoney Turdeau isn’t fit to lick the soles of Trumps shoes.

Kenneth Evans

oh boy she is pretty new at the CBC. If she doesn’t learn quickly that Liberal bosses do not get snitched on at “THEIR” network, ahe will find herself doing ice reports from the Baffin Island weather outpost.