Not A Parody: Maryam Monsef Says Bill Morneau Will Be “The International Gender Champion”

The virtue-signalling never ends.

Just when you think the Trudeau government might take a short break from all the virtue-signalling, along comes another ‘gem.’

The latest is from Maryam Monsef, who recently tweeted about Bill Morneau.

And before you read the tweet, keep in mind that it came from the official Maryam Monsef Twitter account with the verified checkmark. So as much as it looks like a parody, amazingly it isn’t:

“A dedicated advocate and change-maker for gender equality, Minister of Finance @Bill_Morneau will be a great leader around the world as the International Gender Champion.”


What is an “International Gender Champion?”

What does it have to do with Canada?

And why is the Finance Minister of Canada focused on ‘gender’ around the world?

The answer of course is that it’s all virtue-signalling, and shows how unfocused the Trudeau government is on the actual problems facing our country.

Making this all the more ironic is Maryam Monsef’s past statements that raised concerns, including saying Sharia law “fascinates” her:

“And the Nikah ceremony is a great symbol of that whole matrimonial practice/process. Sharia fascinates me :)”

Considering how horribly women are treated under Sharia Law – and how it totally goes against Canadian Values – most people find it to be disturbing, not “fascinating.”

But don’t expect the new “International Gender Champion” to confront Sharia Law. That would take real courage, which has always been missing from the Trudeau government.

Instead, Morneau and the Trudeau Liberals will waste more of our money on virtue-signalling that distracts from the real issues within our country that need to be dealt with.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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