Not A Parody: Maryam Monsef Says Bill Morneau Will Be “The International Gender Champion”

The virtue-signalling never ends.

Just when you think the Trudeau government might take a short break from all the virtue-signalling, along comes another ‘gem.’

The latest is from Maryam Monsef, who recently tweeted about Bill Morneau.

And before you read the tweet, keep in mind that it came from the official Maryam Monsef Twitter account with the verified checkmark. So as much as it looks like a parody, amazingly it isn’t:

“A dedicated advocate and change-maker for gender equality, Minister of Finance @Bill_Morneau will be a great leader around the world as the International Gender Champion.”


What is an “International Gender Champion?”

What does it have to do with Canada?

And why is the Finance Minister of Canada focused on ‘gender’ around the world?

The answer of course is that it’s all virtue-signalling, and shows how unfocused the Trudeau government is on the actual problems facing our country.

Making this all the more ironic is Maryam Monsef’s past statements that raised concerns, including saying Sharia law “fascinates” her:

“And the Nikah ceremony is a great symbol of that whole matrimonial practice/process. Sharia fascinates me :)”

Considering how horribly women are treated under Sharia Law – and how it totally goes against Canadian Values – most people find it to be disturbing, not “fascinating.”

But don’t expect the new “International Gender Champion” to confront Sharia Law. That would take real courage, which has always been missing from the Trudeau government.

Instead, Morneau and the Trudeau Liberals will waste more of our money on virtue-signalling that distracts from the real issues within our country that need to be dealt with.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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it is one useless pat on the back after another at a time when our country has real challenges and those in power deserve no adulation !!!

Moe S.

The Toronto riding Mr. Baystreet Morneau represents, 40% of the children are living in poverty. Instead of a ‘champion’ for the families and children in his riding, whose votes put him in office, obviously, he prefers to be seen as the ‘global gender equality champion.’ Just another Liberal full of his own self-importance. As for Maryam Monsef, her riding office located in a low-income housing part of Peterborough, Ont. The building exterior was nicely renovated very trending chic style. Amongst the lower income homes and buildings, her newly renovated building looks like a million bucks. Gee, perhaps she could lend… Read more »


Hey Morneau, don’t bother yourself with Burkas, get the hell out there and try to find the $100 billion you have intentionally chased out of Canada. While you are at it, start building our pipelines East & West so we aren’t held hostage by the Americans.

NOTE: Monsef often accompanies Trudeau on his foreign holidays, possibly more often than Sofa. I wonder why? Does this have anything to do with Islamic culture?


Oh Trudeau must be jealous, Morneau has a job at the UN now? So do we get an actual finance minister or?? Hopefully this is not being paid for with more Canadian debt, I am glad for him, I hope Canada will now step out of this UN one world thing again. Hurry up 2019.

Shawn Harris

This tweet by Monsef, is just another example of how out of touch the Liberals are with reality. With Canada having a hard time negotiating a new trade deal and our economy suffering badly because of Trudeau’s policy of driving businesses and investments out of Canada. Trudeau and his gender bender ministers sem fit to try and distract us all from Trudeau’s failures , which are numerous and growing the longer he holds power. Trudeau and his government were elected to govern for the benefit of all Canadians, not hand out money to every country that comes begging or just… Read more »

Dave Bainard

The country’s finances going to hell in a hand basket and these liberals worry over what panties to wear.


What? does he get a gold medal for this?


Happy Castro Day everyone. If I had a flag, it would be at half mast upside down until that piece of crap Trudeau is thrown out of office.

Ron Werner

Gee, fighting for gender equality etc, I wonder what his opinion is of a man, who identifies as a woman and changes his appearance, and then competes against women in boxing, track, and other physical sports?


How is Maryam Monsef allowed to be a Canadian even under the Liberal definition of revoking citizenship for lying and fraud? And how is she still a MP?

Elizabeth Thorne

Maybe if Justine were to send a peoplekind person, who might be considered worthy of the position to speak with our long time friends in the US, to make a trade deal, without any PC BS Canada would be better off. They are good at playing games, these Liberal morons, but that is not what they were hired for. ENOUGH

Wendy Lush

This federal cabinet is certified nuts. Once upon a time the Liberal Party of Canada was a centrist party. Now they are so far to the left you’ll need a telescope to find them.

For the sake of the country – what’s left of it – we the Canadian people demand immediate elections.


Wow I read this about Morneau, in a Euro media site, and it said Morneau was being made the new international gender Champion for the UN, I thought he would be gone, maybe take the rest of these Lieberal UN globalists with them. But was it hopeful reading??

Wendy Lush

Del says: July 1, 2018 at 1:24 pm ” NOTE: Monsef often accompanies Trudeau on his foreign holidays, possibly more often than Sofa. I wonder why? Does this have anything to do with Islamic culture? ” You are correct, such as at the recent G-7 at La Malbaie. Here’s the story & photo: LOTS of female employees around Trudeau. The last time I saw a world leader surrounded by so many female staffers was Muammar Gaddafi. Maybe Monsef was at the G-7 as a snub to Trump. JT often likes to ‘stick it’ to conservative folks, just for kicks.… Read more »