On Canada Day, It’s Time To Embrace Our Full Potential As A Country

There should be no limit to the ambitions we have for our future.

Canada is a nation with limitless potential. We have amazing people, nearly endless resources, and – even though many of our ‘leaders’ try to deny it – we have the best values in the world.

There is no nation on earth with as much potential as Canada.

However, despite the greatness of our nation, our full potential remains unfulfilled because of the elites who rule over the country.

They have tried to lower our expectations by always focusing our attention and resources outside of our country, encouraging us to be dependent on other nations, rather than being more self reliant. They are trying to deny the value of freedom that our country is based upon, and are attempting to substitute that with identity politics and a ‘post-national’ state.

And, when it comes to our ability to defend our own territory, those in power have allowed our military to wither away while letting our borders be treated as a joke.

As a result, the greatness that is Canada is increasingly put at risk.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way, and Canada Day is a chance to reflect on how we can achieve our full potential.

A key problem with our current federal leaders is their willingness to put Canada’s interests behind their globalist ideology.

Canada is being held back by carbon taxes, regulations, and internal trade barriers that weaken our self-sufficiency, reduces our prosperity, and makes us far more vulnerable.

We also lack a strong defence industry, which means that not only is our defence reliant on other countries (particularly the US), but we can’t even build our own equipment in many cases. For example, even as the Trudeau government talked ‘tough’ about tariffs on US steel, they approved the use of US steel for Canada’s new naval ships, which are also being built at a shipyard owned by the US.

Clearly, Canada should be taking our own national defence and our own military production into our own hands.

Repealing the carbon tax, reducing regulations, breaking down the trade barriers between our provinces, and building up our defence industry would all bring us closer to our full potential.

We also need to ensure that our resources – both financial resources and energy resources – are used here at home first.

We need pipelines and refineries to bring our oil across our nation. And we need to stop sending billions of foreign aid to other countries, and direct that money towards helping our Veterans, homeless Canadians, and Canadians living in poverty. We must take care of our own first and foremost.

And, above all, we must always stay true to our Canadian Values, remembering that freedom must be defended at all costs.

Those seven things, eliminating the carbon tax, reducing regulations, taking down internal trade barriers, building up our defence industry, using Canadian oil across our country, spending our financial resources on our own people, and staying true to our values, will help Canada achieve our full potential, while reducing our vulnerability in an uncertain world.

So, while Canada Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate what we have, let’s never forget that we could have so much more.

Spencer Fernando

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In order for Canada to reach its full potential an eighth step is required and that is that Trudeau must be forced to resign in disgrace and face criminal charges.

Dale Evjen

Well stated!!


Perfect Spencer, well written and common sense. I hope the Conservatives are paying attention and complete Canada and get Canada off it’s knees away from the Liberals. Happy Canada day! The mainstream media is going on about bad Trump causing tariffs, put in place today, Canada Day, by our Lieberal government , so more tax on food in Canada? Kraft and Heinz etc. although Frenches another US Company no tariffs? Kraft employs over 2000 people in Canada and buys millions of dollars in supplies from Canadian Companies, when all the Lieberals had to do was stop bringing in Chinese Steel… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

AMEN ! Unlimited resources both material and human, but leadership with no vision or ability to harness the power.


Yes, then Canadians had better wake up and see that both the Liberals and the Conservatives play for the same Globalist team! And, both have been on a mission to destroy this country!


Candace can you show us where or what the Conservatives have done to be on a UN globalist team?

Maryam McKinley

Wonderful message Spencer, impactful and inspiring. Happy Canada Day!


The proper flag etiquette to signal distress is to fly it upside down tied in a knot. But I proudly flew it correctly and the wind held firm all day. A happy Canada Day, hope yours was too. “Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. And keep on thinking free”. (Justin Hayward)

Glen Bailey

Well,if the PC’s had any balls,they would demand or at least ask that Turdo resign immediately,but alas Sheer and the rest seem to thrive on grandstanding with no spunk!


The Americans whistle and Canadians stop what we are doing and pull our pants down. Remember the Arrow? The state of the art all weather fighter aircraft of its day, promoted by a Liberal government no less, and scrapped because a Conservative government decided American missiles on Canadian soil was a good idea. We would be selling planes to the Yanks now instead of buying their F35 crap at corruption inflated prices. Ditto for our naval ships. Anyone remember Burrard Shipyards in North Vancouver? A Canadian company. Put out of business by Chretien’s Liberals. Is it any wonder Canadians can’t… Read more »


“The Evraz workers were instructed not to speak to the press, according to one steelworker and an event organizer. “… so, what exactly do the Employees at Evraz have to say about their prime minister’s visit? Why in a free country are they “instructed” to keep their mouth shut? And they were probably threatened with their employment termination if they spoke up against Mr. Gropey Sparklesox!