Ban The Burqa & Niqab Says Highly Respected Human Rights Activist Ensaf Haidar

After newly becoming a Canadian citizen, and spending years advocating for the freedom of her husband Raif Badawi who is currently jailed by the ruthless Saudi government, Haidar is warning Canadians about “Islamist groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Saudi clergy imposing the Burqa and enforcing Niqab on girls and women as political flags to mark jihadi territory.”

Ensaf Haidar – one of the world’s most respected activists for freedom and human rights, and a courageous critic of Islamism – is calling for Ontario Premier Doug Ford to introduce a ban on the niqab and burqa, similar to what was implemented in Quebec with Bill 62.

Haidar became a Canadian citizen on Canada Day, and has lived in Canada with her children since 2015. She fled Saudi Arabia a few years after her husband Raif Badawi was jailed for “insulting islam through electronic channels,” which is a ‘crime’ under the horrible Saudi regime. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and 1,000 lashes.

Since coming to Canada, Haidar has advocated relentlessly for her husband’s release, and has also been warning Canadians and the western world about the threat of the Islamist ideology.

Here’s what Haidar said in a statement about her call for a Burqa and Niqab ban:

“As a Canadian who was born in Saudi Arabia under laws of Sharia where human rights are non-existent, I realised the power mysognist men [have] over powerless women with no rights.

As a refugee in Quebec and Canada I have noticed the fast growth of Islamist groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Saudi clergy imposing the Burqa and enforcing Niqab on girls and women as political flags to mark jihadi territory.

Nowhere in Islam is a woman required to cover her face. This is medievalist mysoginy [sic] that treats women as animals and property of men and shamed into attire that befits slavery, not humanity.

It is for this reason that on the first day as a Canadian I have raised the issue of banning the Burqa and Niqab in Ontario as I feel Premier Ford is a man who will listen to my plea and end the war by deception being waged by Islamists against Canadian values.”

Ensaf Haidar is a true example of someone who is a living representation of true Canadian values. She understands what it means to be Canadian far more than cowardly politicians like Justin Trudeau.

Having experienced life under an Islamist regime, Haidar’s warnings about the rise of Islamist groups here in Canada should be heeded by all Canadians, and her call for a niqab and burqa ban should implemented.

Canada has the right to say what is and isn’t acceptable in our country, and polls show the majority of Canadians agree with Haidar and think the burqa and niqab don’t belong in public in our country.

Even though the politicians and the elites want to ignore the threat of Islamism doesn’t mean that the threat has gone away, and we must listen to Ensaf Haidar’s warnings before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Maryam McKinley

My thanks to a very brave woman. I appreciate her courage in expressing this opinion.


Demanding freedom of expression for Raif Badawi while demanding restrictions on freedom of expression for Muslims in Canada is hypocrisy.

Brian Dougan

Freedom of expression–no; freedom from a symbol of oppression–for Muslim women, and particularly in the free Western nations–That’s exactly the point. There is no moral equivalence here. Muslim women are forced to wear it; it’s not a matter of choice.


That is a ridiculous statement Sohan. They have nothing to do with each other. I along with most Canadians have no problem with them expressing their freedom by wearing whatever they want. Where we have a problem is when they are allowed to express their freedom where most Canadians can’t. Can you imagine the outcry if we could express our freedom by covering our face when going into a bank or other notable public place. Imagine if we walked around with NO clothes. The outcome would definitely be different. Haidar has admitted that this has nothing to do with these… Read more »

Jean Pierre LaRocque

Sorry the Burqa and niqab do not belong in this country…hijab is fine just like the nuns use to wear when I was a child!!!!!


We can assume that you would support me if I were to put on a burka? It is, after all, just freedom of expression and me using the right to wear what I want. I assume that your argument would be that only Muslim females are allowed to wear a burka.


What an amazing courageous Canadian. EXACTLY the kind of LEGAL immigrant Canada wants, not Trudeau’s kind. How can we support her? I guarantee Trudeau won’t be writing her husband a cheque.

We will never see her screaming the Trudeau approved “free speech” death threats we get from the Quds terrorists in their illegal riots or the garbage we constantly hear from mosques.


Remember the riots Quebec had, and the Liberals tried to make them drop this. Remember how Prime Minister Harper was called anti islam and racist, front page news over and over, in the last Federal election. So no, do not touch it Doug Ford, even though the majority agrees, it will be harped on and he will be will be slandered and all the Niqab and burqa wearers will be on all the media complaining for their free rights, and being able to buy guns with this, (proven) and drivers license with this on and medical cards with pictures in… Read more »

Moe S.

Ensaf Haidar, should be applauded for her courageous stand against the Burqa and Niqab allowed in Canada. If I recall correctly, Trudeau, when asked about such a ban, stated he wasn’t about to ‘tell women what they could or couldn’t wear.’ Typical Trudeau politically correct Feminist Leader, not wanting to offend a particular group of people for fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia. Such ignorance from Trudeau is appalling. The Burqa, as Haidar points out the symbolism of anti-woman and oppressive. Yet, Canadian white women are wearing the Niqab, ‘flag of misogyny’ like it’s the latest cool fashion… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Hear hear! Well said. (Hear hear–an abbreviated form of “Hear him; hear him.”)


Fantastic comment Moe S. I’d just like to point out that Quebec is not a country as of yet but I am very much hoping they will be soon and then they can have Trugrope as their very own King. But to be serious you make some great comments about the ignorance of Trudeau and his fake feminism ways. It also baffles me as to the sheer stupidity of white feminist women jumping on board with the niqab clothes thing, an obvious symbol of oppression and ownership…just as stupid as the lgbtq… and their stance against Islamophobia and support for… Read more »


We have our own system of politics that works in Canada and WE DONT NEED ANTIQUATED POLITICS to meddle in our lives. The niqab and burka are not religious and I am glad that Haider is confirming it. Like others have done in the past. Our laws about equality are loud and strong enough to shut down those attires that prevent the laws to be applied in certain groups. We have to break down this negative influence and start giving fines like they do in other countries like France.


We have been warned so many times. No one listens.


Burka and hijab are political symbols of offence against our democracies and human rights.( Even if many Muslims do not know this. Many know little about Islam) What would u think if we were welcoming the swastika everywhere?