PRIME HYPOCRITE: Facing His Own Groping Allegation, Trudeau Abandons His ‘All Accusations Should Be Believed’ Stance

Funny how the rules change the moment Trudeau could be in trouble…

Justin Trudeau has finally spoken publicly about the alleged ‘Kokanee Grope.’

“I remember that day in Creston well, it was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety. I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all,” said Trudeau.

Coming from most politicians, that might be an acceptable response.

Except, Trudeau has previously said those kind of responses are inadequate.

He has been clear that the default position should always be to believe ‘accusations,’ and when speaking about his zero-tolerance stance on allegations said “The standard applies to everyone. There is no context in which someone doesn’t have responsibility for things they’ve done in the past.”

Even worse for Trudeau is that he’s applied those standards to his own MPs, ruining their reputations and basically ending their political careers by booting them over allegations – including allegations made by an NDP MP who now faces her own allegations.

So, Trudeau was happy to apply his zero-tolerance approach when it wasn’t about him, but all of a sudden his ‘believe all accusations’ rhetoric evaporates when he’s facing accusations himself.

Everyone else watches their career go down in flames, while Trudeau gets to say “I don’t recall any negative interactions,” which is a clear abandonment of his past stance.

How convenient.

It’s a disgusting level of hypocrisy, and it’s yet the latest example of Trudeau’s contempt for the truth, and contempt for the Canadian people. Trudeau once again proves that he’s an arrogant, out-of-touch elitist who thinks the rules apply to everyone except himself.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

come on mr. fernando,
there is only one way to take this pos down, we need someone with deep pockets to get this person to come forward, and tell her story. if she doesn,t come forward, this pos will continue his dictator-traitor other words, no matter what anyone says, canada is doomed.


Maybe the Liberals paid her off to keep her mouth shut.

Norbert Kausen

I can believe that, Gerri… like maybe George Soros. She may also be a liberal and got paid off…

David MacKAY

Truly the Paying off the victim with a None Disclosure agreement is how the Liberals have survived the past 40 years.

don morris

The young lady may not want to come forward. Chances are if she continued in the journalism field, she’s become a good liberal, possibly even a good Liberal, and the last thing she’d want to do is embarrass the guy who brought the LPC from third place to First. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find out who this woman is, we have enough information that with a little footwork we should quickly find out who we’re talking about. Are there any readers of this blog in the vicinity of Creston, who could visit the local Paper and do a… Read more »


Alan, you have not taken into account Donald Trump’s disdain for Trudeau and his Liberal Party. I would be very surprised if DJT will not use the NAFTA situation to really kick Trudeau’s ass. While Trudeau’s response to DJT’s tariffs was belligerent and stupid, Steven Harper’s unofficial response was to go to Washington to discuss a new NAFTA.
In the last analysis, the US under Trump will not suffer their Northern Border becoming a non-border as Trudeau wishes….too much at risk for the US.


A country wide crowd funding might do the trick, this clown has made tons of enemies I’m sure such a fund raising event would yield enough to get the young lady to come forward and face the groper !

Maryam McKinley

Trudeau obviously is lying when I watched the July 1 video clip where he says “I don’t recall any negative interactions”. Being the great actor he is, he delivers those lines with conviction. If he can be so smooth lying about this, what else is he lying about? Also what really bothers me is the apology that he made to the reporter “I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I would never have been so forward” So, it would be okay to grope this woman if she was just an event attendee? Disgusting.


What else is he lying about? All those campaign promises, everything SNC Lavelin, being close friends with Aga Khan. Major offenses with minor consequences. I paid more for coming to an irregular stop at a stop sign than our PM did for ethics violation. Mmmmm…this liberal fairness sure tastes good…not!


Quick , someone call fox news . They would probably run with this .
Nothing like airing your dirty laundry to the world . I believe Fox does big viewership numbers.

richard taylor

It is hard to believe that this PM actually got enough votes to to be PM,it is like Einstien said never underestimate the stupidity Of people, that is the only way this pos got in

Shawn Harris

Trudeau likes to portray himself as being a feminist. Please show all Canadians a feminist that is also arrogant deceitful, a liar, conceited, hypocrite and duplicitous; there is only one person how fits that description and his name is Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, seems not care that his self serving belief that he is a genuine feminist no longer holds true, especially in light of this accusation made by a real female reporter. And just how any woman could ever want to accept Trudeau as their supporter and defender, boggles the mind. The truly sad part of this accusation and situation,… Read more »


The moment a man claims to be a feminist, the rape accusations are only months away.

Civil Civilian

His whole life is a lie no better than a spoiled brat…maybe nursed until 11 or 12 then a couple yrs later toilet trained..


Turdo is toilet trained????

Eric Blair

Justin’s very own brother, Michel, died in an avalanche in this same area of B.C. about two years prior to his groping incident. So I can believe he was rightfully there to promote avalanche safety but for him it ought to have been a solemn event with him thinking of his brother. He ought to have teamed up with the Kokanee Ranger and together they could have pursued the illusive Snatchsquatch.


The quote missed out the even-more-usual number of “ah’s” that make listening to him so annoying… But to be fair, he probably doesn’t remember it because he was high, and that kind of behavior was just.. well… normal!


MR Trudeau – a double standard from the beginning – he remembers groping that reporter – in fact it has been on his mind a lot lately . He is lying about the incident and should be booted out in a non confidence vote !
And Whatcott is looking at 2 years for passing out safe sex pamphlets at an lgbtq parade – disturbing


Such a friggen hypocrite this entitled little weasel is. Rules for everyone but him. To bad the woman involved doesn’t come forward and end the charade. If it’s true, that others are waiting in the wings, it could be an interesting summer..


the woman in the incident has been contacted and said she wants it all to go away. Her editor at the time says it didn’t qualify as sexual assault,only that the contact was inappropriate. Perhaps a drunken Trudeau put his arm around her shoulders while they talked.

“The paper’s editor at the time, Brian Bell, also spoke to CBC News.

“I don’t recall that the reporter was coming across as having been traumatized or distraught about it, but definitely that, whatever physical touch or whatever had occurred in that moment was definitely not welcome and definitely inappropriate.”


I believe the tactic is called the “Hillary skate”. Selective enforcement based upon any perceived class has always been a problem. Will always be. What we need is a permanent government oversight authority with teeth, but how would we get them to promulgate for that, why would they. So remember that the term national security is for the security of the state, its methods and apparatus, not for you. It is a tough crust on that outfit with the force of the state at its call. We are not ready to take that one on. So in the meantime just… Read more »


We need to hear from the POSs wife Sohpie… LOL
No doubt she has received a gag order

Wendy Lush

The arrogance and hypocrisy of Trudeau is just breathtaking. He truly believes he’s special and exceptional; that the rules do not apply to him, only to the masses. That, as son of PET, he’s entitled (and qualified!) by birthright to lead Canada. They use to call this the Divine Right of Kings.

linda roberts

has that man had a sober day in the last 20 years [i was kind because i was going to say 30 years]


I think that in the town people may know? People do talk in a small town? I think we can remember what Justin and Jean Chretien can be seen to be doing about the so called Shawinigan Handshake matter, making a gag joke of it? What have the law societies done about Chretien, is an assault on a man not an act unbecoming of a kind of a lawyer? A criminal physical assault is no gag? And what did Sheila Copps on the day of the assault say about what had happened? Tories and Grits have both had problems, after… Read more »


I think it is indeed a fair and good idea already mentioned here to ask his wife what she thinks? She does after all speak out on issues and enjoys in large part a taxpayers paid for lifestyle?

Ray Decorby

Our Clown Prince; caught in the snare of lunacy he helped create. What a piece of work.

Suzanne Normoyle

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” -Bill Clinton 1998 “I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.” -Justin Trudeau 2018 Tweet from Michelle Rempel to Maryam Monsef “Also, you’re the Status of Women minister. I’ve had the courage to call my own party out on sexual harassment when need. Will you be a role model and call your own boss out for hypocracy, or will you pretend there’s no story? That’s where feminism gets real. Grow a pair.Michelle Rempel added, Maryam Monsef @MaryamMonsef There is no “Liberal version of feminism.” There is just feminism: the… Read more »

Michael Buckley

¯This is all lies invented by my enemies to discredit me.