Taleb Rips The “Virtue-Signaling Open-Borders Imbeciles”

Speaking from his experience as a Lebanese Christian, Taleb warns about the danger of open borders.

Nassim Nicolas Taleb – one of the greatest thinkers in the world and one of the few people to predict the 2008 financial crisis while the ‘experts’ were saying everything is fine – is warning about the danger of open borders:

“What intellectuals don’t get about MIGRATION is the ethical notion of SYMMETRY:

OPEN BORDERS work if and only if the number of pple who want to go from EU/US to Africa/LatinAmer equals Africans/Latin Amer who want to move to EU/US

Silver Rule in #SkinInTheGame


“2) Controlled immigration is based on the symmetry that someone brings in at least as much as he/she gets out. And the ethics of the immigrant is to defend the system as payback, not mess it up.

Uncontrolled immigration has all the attributes of invasions.”

“3) As a Christian Lebanese, saw the nightmare of uncontrolled immigration of Palestinians which caused the the civil war.
& as a part-time resident of N. Lebanon, I am seeing the effect of Syrian migration on the place.

So I despise these virtue-signaling open-borders imbeciles.”

“4) Immigration requires sacrifice and skin in the game.”


Injustice was done in the past with invasions, etc. But justice cannot operate without STATUTES of LIMITATIONS: we can’t invoke the Pilgrims, w/o going back to Bronze Age migrations.

Arguments abt who did what >100 y ago are necessarily invalid.”

“6) The Anachronistic Fallacy, 2 You cannot flow today’s rules of morality backward in time & judge people THEN based on rules developed later. Morality comes from customs (mores). No law should be retroactive, something the bigoteers don’t get.”

“7) Example of why retroactive accountability fails as it leads to a chain of multiplicative grievances.”

Taleb’s tweets speak for themselves, and are a big warning that we need to listen to. ‘Leaders’ like Justin Trudeau want to open our borders, remake our society, and let the values our country is based upon be erased in a new ‘post-national state’.

It’s a dangerous agenda that could destroy everything that makes Canada special.

Spencer Fernando

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