Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals In New Poll

The NDP remains far back in third place.

A new Ipsos poll reported on by Global News shows the Conservatives with a narrow lead over the Liberals as the parties begin preparing for 2019.

According to the poll, the Conservatives have 37%, the Liberals have 33%, and the NDP are far back with 21%.

The poll comes in the wake of a big Conservative by-election win in Quebec, and the decimation of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Apart from the top-line numbers, the poll shows that Trudeau’s approval rating is at 55%. However, the gap between those saying they approve of Trudeau and those saying they will vote for his party points to the likelihood that people are expressing their support as a ‘rally around the flag’ effect during the trade war with the US, rather than supporting Trudeau’s policies.

In vote-rich Ontario, the Conservatives lead with 35%, while the Liberals are at 33% and the NDP are at 26%.

The overall numbers are more bad news for the NDP, who have collapsed in Quebec and are not leading in any province or territory. While Jagmeet Singh would be hoping to get gain support in Ontario to make up for lost support in Quebec, he appears unable to reach the same level of support garnered by Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath in the provincial election.

Conservatives still face challenges

While the Conservatives are well positioned as an election year draws closer, they still face significant challenges – particularly the inevitable onslaught from the elitist media in defence of Trudeau. In fact, it seems that onslaught has already started, with the media regularly criticizing the way the Conservatives are holding the Trudeau government accountable, in some cases making almost the exact same arguments as the Liberals.

Additionally, the increasingly authoritarian Trudeau government is seeking to silence dissenting voices and exert control over social media, and they won’t hesitate to reduce the freedom of Canadians to stay in power. In order to overcome the Liberal-media axis, the Conservatives will need to be tough, relentless, and willing to truly represent the will of the people, rather than be beholden to political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

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Glen Bailey

What’s all the fuss about? These numbers are way too close.Sheer and his crew don’t have enough balls to implement any serious change.They should stop grandstanding and actually call the liberals out once and for all!Because if the Liberals get in again,there will be no way to get rid of them.And the PCs’ will have to measure up,which of course remains to be seen.

Ron Werner

You hit the nail on the head in the last two paragraphs. The media is controlled by “someone” who wants the Libs in power. The Libs will push “their” agenda.
And its ALL about staying in power, not what is best for Canadians. i.e. buy a pipeline for 600% over cost, then build, and then they will sell it at a loss is my guess.

More and more people are waking up

Irene Lariviere

I am hoping and praying that the polls exceed where they are right now; I would love to see the whole country wake up and vote Trudeau out with a massive Conservative majority. If left to me to decide the Governor genral / Queen would be reviewing his destructive ways in office and he would be tried as a traitor and convicted of treason.


I am certainly happy and hope Mr. Scheer gets in on a landslide majority. It is too bad our Lieberal/NDP mainstream media is not promoting Mr. Scheer, stupid of them as they do not represent what the people of Canada want and need, so this media becomes redundant and in the case of CBC that is paid for with a lot of tax dollars, I hope Mr. Scheer stops paying them, the other unfair lefty socialist news will go down on their own without support of the people. There should be truth or at the very least truthful articles promoting… Read more »

Civil Civilian

Good Thanks Mr Fernando!


Fake poll numbers as ALWAYS from left-wing, Soros/Liberal-funded MSM….here are the REAL poll numbers:

PC: 62%
NDP: 17%
Lib: 11%
Undecided: 10%