Difference Between How Patrick Brown & Justin Trudeau Allegations Were Treated Shows The Elitist Media’s Massive Anti-Conservative Bias

The double-standard is undeniable.

When allegations against Patrick Brown were first shared, they spread like wildfire. The media reported on it instantly, and many cast it in the most negative possible light.

Brown wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt, and had just hours to defend himself before his political careers was basically crushed.

But that’s not the worst of it.

The story ended up having some serious flaws, including people closely connected to it who contradicted key parts of the story, a huge mistake in the age of one of the alleged complainants, and accusations that the key reporter behind the story may have had a personal connection to one of the accusers.

All of this was revealed long after the initial story broke, and by then it was too late for Brown. Also, Brown has denied all wrongdoing, and initiated legal action against CTV.

Contrast that with how the elitist media (particularly state propaganda outfit CBC) reported on the allegations against Trudeau:

They didn’t.

Not until it had spread through social media, websites like SpencerFernando.com, and reached the international press did the media even begin to mention it. And that mention started mostly with opinion columnists. Only a few days ago – almost a month after it was already being discussed elsewhere – was Trudeau finally asked about it.

And it turns out that CBC knew about the story for months, and sat on it.

Clear anti-Conservative bias

The obvious double-standard between how the allegations against Patrick Brown and Justin Trudeau were treated shows the obvious anti-Conservative bias of the elitist mainstream media, and shows why so many people view the media as fake news.

Trudeau got almost a month to prepare for dealing with the allegation against him, Patrick Brown got hours.

The media made huge mistakes in the Patrick Brown story, while Trudeau hasn’t even outright denied the accusation against him.

When it’s a conservative in trouble, the media is like a shark that smells blood. When it’s a liberal in trouble, the media is gentle as a kitten.

More and more, people are seeing through the horrible anti-conservative bias, and it’s why websites like this one are growing rapidly while the elitist media struggles to remain relevant.

As I said on Twitter, it’s a disgrace:

“Whether people like Patrick Brown or not, the fact that his political career was decimated in just two hours over allegations (that were badly reported by media), while it took almost a month for the media to even barely mention allegation against Justin Trudeau is a disgrace.”


Spencer Fernando

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Chaz Martel

I do know whether the allegations against Trudeau over the Creston B.C. groping are true, so I am loathe to comment upon it. The “me too” movement has produced many partisan based allegations as we know, against President Trump, former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown and a host of other targets. No doubt some of these allegations are truth based but others are not and most of them have never been proven. The allegations remain ‘he said, she said’; meanwhile reputations and oft times lives have been destroyed. Yet, it is fair to mention that on other fronts, Trudeau has… Read more »

Chaz Martel

Spencer Fernando. Of course I agree about the double standards used by the Left when they are deciding who to pillory and who to protect. Predictably they protect their own, sometimes for decades, as in the case of Harvey Weinstein, and no doubt will with the treasonous nincompoop Justin Trudeau. That being said, the situation with Patrick Brown was complicated, in that he was being demonized by both the Left and the Right. Much of which he has to take responsibility for directly. During the year or so he was the Ontario PC leader, Brown managed to alienate huge swaths… Read more »

alan skelhorne

one big difference in this article, i do feel sorry for mr. brown, however his counterpart the pos from quebec , trudeau is above the law in his kingdom.


Why is this scum bag Trudeau treated like a prince? Will he ever be accountable for the many actions that he has been accused of? I blame the mainstream media. Something has to be done with these news stations and the journalists reporting their lies. Trudeau has turned Canada upside down and CBS and other news station’s support his action’s. Its time Canadian’s take a stance and take their country back.

Norbert Kausen

I absolutely agree with you, Darlene!

Linda Querel

Patrick Brown was set up, lis so obvious. Was it the Liberals? Did Fed Liberals play a role? Trudeau was too quick to demonize him in the middle of the night from Davos. Really overdone. Trudeau was protected at all levels, the media plays a big role and we can’t trust them to even report the story let alone keep their bias out if they do finally mention it. Trudeau doesn’t deny it, how could he. His carefully chosen lawyer words don’t answer the question. I think this woman and any others have been visited by Butts years ago when… Read more »

Wendy Lush

It’s not just the CBC (who receive barrels of payola and hush money from the Feds) but Global as well, and CTV especially. They all push the liberal left-wing agenda.

It’s too bad the ‘Kokanee Grope’ story didn’t break BEFORE October 2015; Justin Trudeau would now have been just an asterisk in Canadian politics, and the country would not be in such a mess.


Add the Kokanne Grope to the long list of failures attributable to this nincompoop.


Thankyou Spencer. I read your column everyday. I also share with many friends as well. Keep up the good work


this should be cause for Trudeau to step down or booted out ,why second standards ?? why is he aloud to continue on like nothing happened ??


I think we should look at Justin Trudeau words and his previous separate actions…the previous actions speak louder than any words… and in this case Justin does not deny it happened does he? Are his words to the effect that he does not recall any negative……now if he was having fun, and is is also treated as a prince by the elite who helped put him in power, what does his wife say?


Media has turned into Liberal pandering garbage. It is impossible to filter out the fake crap unless you scan through multiple sites and can often detect likely fake stuff by identical wording in many stories. The term “investigative journalism” is now simply a collection of letters, almost meaningless. EG: Rohyngia refugees – what caused them to be chased out of Myanmar? Not a single word. How about the other side of the story regarding Trudeau’s man-made changing climate? Hundreds of studies and information clearly show the Justin Trudeau Carbon Tax is only a tax and much of the information we… Read more »

Rocky Potuer

In 2016, the Liberal excuse to cover everything was “it’s 2016” and “it was Harper’s fault”! In 2017, the Liberal excuse to cover everything was, “it was Harper’s fault” and “I’m sorry”! In 2018, the Liberal excuse to cover everything is, “it was Harper’s fault” and “I don’t remember”! Typical Liberal, “blame everything on someone else mentality” that hasn’t changed since the days of the first Trudeau, which is as far back as my political memory serves! Whether provincial of federal, they always blame some one else, out right lie, or just ignore the truth and facts! Liberal supporters “hate… Read more »

Erle Martz

I am firmly convinced Justin Trudeau is mentally imbalanced (crazy). He doesn’t live in a real world, is trying to create a perfect world (as he see’s it with taxpayers money) and is oblivious to the obvious. He can’t or won’t see his own imperfections and he has no comprehension to the value of money. He should be in therapy, not the most powerful position in Canada. This really raises questions about his own cabinet and the mainstream media.

D'Arcy Renton

Spencer, you and other reporters have done your part to bring this into mainstream media coverage. It has taken a while, but has finally gained traction. In order for it to bring any more pressure on JT and the Liberals, it needs to be pursued by the opposition parties. Any theories on why the obvious hasn’t happened?

Paul Cook

Me. Dress Up is a hypocritical phony. “What is good for the goose should be good for the gander”
The fact that many national newspapers have covered this story and barely a peep from our state run CBC is extremely embarrassing.
Who are they protecting?
He, like all the other males who have been accused and had their lives ruined should experience the same fate.
This doofus needs to be put out to pasture before he can do any more damage to the economy and our international reputation.
He is a complete embarrassment.


All I can say is if this was not true why did Trudeau not sue the newspaper for libel back in 2000 or at least deny that anything happened. Instead he would not have been as “forward” if he had known she was reporting for a national newspaper—WHAT??? As the reporter does not want her name mentioned in connection with this incident and the publisher believes that it was this aforementioned reporter who wrote the editorial–I would suggest that the elitist Trudeau family likely bought her off back in 2000 and she has signed some agreement that she feels she… Read more »