Will Trudeau Apologize To The MPs He Banished Over Misconduct Allegations, Or Will He Keep Being A Gigantic Hypocrite?

I’m going with gigantic hypocrite for $400 Alex.

While Justin Trudeau keeps hoping his “I don’t recall any negative interactions” line makes his ‘groping’ scandal go away, his own hypocrisy is proving to be the big problem.

As many have pointed out, had Trudeau not branded himself as a feminist, repeatedly talked about ‘zero-tolerance’ even for accusations, and punished his own MPs for unproven allegations, he would be able to simply apologize, say he’s improved since the alleged ‘grope’ happened, and moved on.

Most people – even his political opponents – would be reasonable when it comes to something that allegeldy happened 18 years ago.

And yet, it’s Trudeau himself who built an image based on being a ‘woke’ feminist zealot – which has left him with very little room when facing his own problems.

It’s the problem of hypocrisy, and Trudeau’s treatment of two of his own MPs is one of the most gigantic examples of hypocrisy ever seen in Canadian politics.

As you may recall, a while back Justin Trudeau suspended Liberal MPs Massimo Pacetti and Scott Andrews – over misconduct allegations.

The allegations never got to the point of involving the legal system.

Interestingly, the MP who made the complaint against Pacetti is Christine Moore – who ironically now faces her own allegations of misconduct. And, while it’s never nice getting into the details on these things, Moore herself has told a reporter that she provided the condom used by Mr. Pacetti in their ‘encounter.’

But despite Pacetti denying any untoward behaviour, Trudeau has not reinstated him, and Pacetti’s political career is basically over.

Meanwhile, Andrews accepted the findings of a misconduct investigation, saying he “learned a lot about myself.” Trudeau then permanently removed him from the Liberal Caucus.

Clearly, Justin Trudeau used them as politically expedient examples of his ‘zero-tolerance’ policy – a policy he once said would apply equally to himself.

And yet, Trudeau has neither denied the allegations against himself as Pacetti did, or admitted wrongdoing and sought to make amends, as Andrews did.

Instead, he’s tried to say he doesn’t remember anything bad.

Obviously, Trudeau should either hold himself to the same standard he set for Pacetti and Andrews, or he should at the very least apologize for holding them to a standard he won’t apply to himself.

But we know he won’t do that.

Instead, he’ll keep repeating his same talking point, keep trying to cast himself as a woke feminist, and keep being the biggest hypocrite Canadian politics has ever seen.

At the end of the day, it’s all pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I love it it’s only the beginning , there’s much more to come folks all we need now are a few “Me toos ” to come forward, I wouldn’t be surprised that the TURD-EAU is forced to step down by his own people, the TURD has become a liability to the country and the LIEBERALS.


Will the CBC be interviewing Sofa to get her opinion?
I wonder what Monsef thinks about his playing around?
Here we go again – one standard for Canadians and another for Trudeau. Sickening and disgusting. Where are the feminist protests?

Ralph Knapp

Hey, he doesn’t remember doing it, therefore it didn’t happen, right?

Norbert Kausen

Based on his “track record”, I would hazard a guess that he will be the consumate GIGANTIC hypocrite! He should be charged with sexual assault and be removed from office!


Hopefully Sophie is nagging the crap out of him about this incident. Nothing better than the wrath of a pissed off wife . . . we can only hope


That vile piece of trash needs to resign NOW.

Paul Paton

Hi Spencer,
Why can I no longer repost your posts ?

Moe S.

Trudeau quote, “I remember that day in Creston, B.C. well…I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.” Interesting. Trudeau remembers that day well. I interrupt that to mean he remembers everything about that day and in his opinion, nothing negative happened because I say so. Really. I believe Mr. Sanctimonous Moral on High knew this story would come to bite him in the ass someday. Just in case, declare oneself a ‘Feminist’ Prime Minister and to really cover your ass, throw full support behind the #MeToo movement. When this boy gets… Read more »

Wendy Lush

“I don’t recall any negative interactions”.. That’s lawyer-talk. Expensive lawyer-talk. Trudeau was clearly coached by some pricey lawyers on what exactly to say and no more.

If nothing inappropriate ever happened, if the whole incident was fabricated, he would state that loudly and clearly again and again, as would anybody, and not make a brief prepared statement. That’s human nature.

John Higgins

He may well be worried that the lady who he is alleged to have assaulted (if that is an accurate description of what has been complained about) would change her mind about not coming forward if she felt that Trudeau was calling her an outright liar. Instead, if he just says “I can’t remember” he is less likely to get her riled up.

Ed R Peebles




Wendy Lush, makes a good comment thank you. I think Trudeau has been coached or given advice on how to answer…lawyers talk…


I wonder what else he doesn’t remember. Does he have a Hillary shutting up his victims. Bet he does.


Does Trudeau have a Hillary cleaning up his messes?