DISTURBING: Trudeau Government Giving $23 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Groups Accused Of Connections To Islamist Extremism & Terror-Funding

The funding announcement was made by Iqra Khalid, who announced that money was going to the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and Islamic Relief.

There is concern in the country about a recent funding announcement by the Trudeau government.

About a week ago, Iqra Khalid – the Liberal MP behind M-103 – announced that $23 million taxpayer dollars would be going towards the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and the Islamic Relief ‘charity’.

As noted by Tarek Fatah in the Toronto Sun, here’s why that’s such a big concern:

“The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a former branch of the U.S. based Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that was named in 2008 as an unindicted co-conspirator connected to the “largest terror-funding trial in U.S. history. NCCM has denied links to CAIR.

Islamic Relief, a worldwide charity accused of links to Islamist extremism by Middle East Forum, Israel and the United Arab Emirates among others.”

While Fatah notes that “there is no solid record that the Canadian arms of these two organizations have contributed to current problematic behaviour,” the fact that money is going to groups with potential connections to Islamists is not good:

“Nonetheless, for over a year many Muslim Canadians, including yours truly, my Sun colleague Farzana Hassan as well as other Muslim critics of Islamism had warned that the M103 initiative was much more than the victimhood culture of guilt being forced onto ordinary Canadians.

On Wednesday, we saw our fears come true. While Islamists will receive millions to conduct their Sharia agenda in Canada, Muslim critics of jihad, polygamy, FGM and Sharia have been left on their own to fight global Islamofascism.”

Fatah notes in particular how disturbing it is that money is going to Islamic Relief, considering that Muslim-majority Bangladesh banned the organization from providing aid to refugees, and that it is designated as a “terror-financing organization” by the United Arab Emirates.

Clearly, there were better places for this money to go. As Fatah so accurately asks, “Who will stand up to the Islamist agenda in our country if it’s the government itself that funds their agenda?”

Yet once again, we see the Trudeau government refusing to confront the threat of Islamism, and is taking our money through taxes and then giving it to groups that shouldn’t be getting a dime.

This is the result of a government that refuses to stand up for Canadian Values, and is even willing to fund those who could seek to undermine those values. Everyone in our country – regardless of our political stripe – should be deeply disturbed by it.

You can read Fatah’s article here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Are we hearing anything from the Conservatives? From the NDP? Is it really too late for Canada? We do not appear to have a government in Canada we have been paying a lot of taxes for a failed democracy in Canada, but we are supporting our demise and to keep wars going in other countries for the globalist, one world order UN cause. President Trump gave the South American Countries, who are taking in and helping , the starving fleeing Venezuelans from their destroyed country by the socialist regimes dictator, a lot of support money from the US. President Trump… Read more »

Marcel Matte

God Almighty, I pray that you will judge Trudeau today for his elevation of non-truth (Islam) and suppression of truth (Christianity).




Spencer, any idea what the “charity “ is actually going to do with the money. Any public breakdown on how it will be spent? In Canada? Out of Canada?

Norbert Kausen

It will likely be funneled through different channels and organizations to attempt to befuddle ny scrutiny and it will most likely end up in the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups, that these Islamic so-called “charity” organizations are connected with. There are ample examples of that already having happened.

Gordon Carpenter

It’s funny how the left always cite “separation of church and state” when a Christian group is allegedly receiving government help, yet the hypocrites do it to fund this and many other Muslim groups.


Justine, and Gerald You realize your own kids and their kids will have to deal with this mess. Do you think they will be exempt? What do your wives feel about your corrupt behaviour. They are either brain dead or don’t care about their own children’s well-being. Shame on you. And that goes for all Liberals.


This is for all you nitwits in Parliament Quit giving OUR money away, It truly is a bloody shame that you aholes keep screwing us and wont defy the head screw master,the guy that never grew up mentally past the age of 14 he even had to be scolded to stop showing his Socks


You are so right! Trudeau is Unfit to be PM!


Even after this and many, many other actions by our groping fake feminist “leader” who seeks to undermine and destroy this once fine nation, he is not arrested and charged with treason? Happy Independence Day to our friends to the South who voted for sanity and someone who would serve them.

Monica Wright

How in the world can this insanity happen? What is the matter with us? Are we all Brain Dead? How come we got rid of Bob Rae, yet this dangerous person is still at the head of our Country. Like sheep to slaughter we go. He is going to fast track all his buddies to citizenship, so he will have their votes come election time. But not enough people care, as this country is sold to folks from the East, and what is not sold, is just plain being taken over, and we are paying them for the privilege as… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

This reprehensible disgrace for a politician should and must be investigated to the fullest and if found criminally liable, should and must be tried for treason. First he must be removed from office, however, and now!!!

Norbert Kausen

How is it that Canadians even allow this disgraceful miscreant to get away with this???

Elizabeth Thorne

All the Liberals and all the NDP voted for M-103. When I asked Carol Hughes, NDP member for Algoma-Manitoulin, not to vote for M-103, she sent me an electronic email stating we Canadians should not get caught up in internet hysteria. I asked her to read the Quran and stand up for the 67.8% of Canadians who call themselves Christians. Never any answer. What about Christianophobia, how much money is this government spending to stop Imams calling for a caliphate in Canada. They should all resign, they are NOT protecting Canadians.

Bert McFadyen



Where’s Max Bernier when we need him and not the wimpy Scheer? Start showing some action Scheer or resign and let another man do the job right mainly Bernier.


But what is National Council of Canadian Muslims, and the Islamic Relief ‘charity’.policy on reproductive rights? .

Looks like another screw up by MIZ Khalid Bill 103 “On Wednesday, iPolitics reported that Liberal MP Iqra Khalid had allocated more than $56,000 in federal summer job grants to the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, a group known for its dogged opposition to abortion and distribution of graphic anti-abortion material — despite having run for office under the banner of a party that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has billed as “resolutely pro-choice.”


Face book will not let me share your posts any more. That means they don’t want the truth getting out and you are doing some good. Keep it up!


Spencer, I just posted this article of yours on FB and it went ok, SO FAR. I was excluded from FB for 6 weeks for posting this below. Have a good look! We all know who that is!



NCCM which used to call themselves CAIR CAN, are closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a Muslim terrorist gang. MB also partially controls Black Lives Matter which has John Tory by the gonads, completely controlling the “Pride” organization. NCCM denying they are CAIR CAN and is blatant taqiyya, also known in the Liberal Caucus as lies. A change in name but not in philosophy or practice. BLM made Tory stop the Police Force from using carding and are now to be known as the primary cause of the shootings, knifings, killings and violence in Toronto. Congratulations, Pride, you have a… Read more »

Phil Alexander

I guess it gives an excuse for the village idiot to dress up like an ayatollah and throw those left with Canadian values off the Peace Tower.

Moe S.

There was a media report recently which indicated Federal Minister Khalid is anti-Israel which happens to be a Canadian ally. It was also reported, she supports Palestinians working with dictator Assad and Iran. She also supports Brother Amin and Palestinian House and dismisses critics who have asked her to account for her outspoken support of these WAR CRIMINALS. Her Islamic support is evident. She has NO right whatsoever to be handing over Canadian tax dollars to these Islamic organizations. Those millions BELONG TO THE CANADIAN PEOPLE who have contributed to this country for years. THIS IS CRIMINAL that she is… Read more »

Ed R Peebles

Is this Bill not violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms ? It’s seems to me the senate might stop it ! It is in a ‘Gray’ area at Best …



Does he have the backing of his cabinet? Shouldn’t they be asked?
We have NO SAY in anything?

James Smith

I can’t recall the Canadian govt giving money to any other religious group, imagine the outrage at the cbc if Jehova’s witness received 23 million from tax payers


Most of are woke to the globalist plan to destroy non secular countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria that forces mass migration to western nations to flood us with populations that tend to vote for socialist free money. These people are unwitting victims of an operation that once depended on the graft of public sector workers but now falls short as masses awake and truly understand the manipulation of law and illegally legislated violation of basic freedoms. We must stand together as peoples, of all race, creed and color and demand accountability and retribution upon the “officials” that have abused… Read more »