Rempel Rips Trudeau, Tells Monsef To “Grow A Pair”

“Well I’m sure Harvey Weinstein said that he couldn’t recall things either,” said Rempel.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is ripping into the Trudeau Liberals for their hypocrisy on feminism, slamming Trudeau’s “I don’t remember” response, and telling Maryam Monsef to have the courage to call out her own party.

As noted by HuffPost, Rempel compared Trudeau’s response to Harvey Weinstein, saying “Well I’m sure Harvey Weinstein said that he couldn’t recall things either.” 

Rempel said the Liberals were “virtue-signalling” with their “cloak of feminism,” saying Liberal MPs “refused to comment on what’s right in front of them.”

Rempel also ripped Liberal Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef for refusing to call out Trudeau:

“Also, you’re the Status of Women minister. I’ve had the courage to call my own party out on sexual harassment when need. Will you be a role model and call your own boss out for hypocracy, or will you pretend there’s no story? That’s where feminism gets real. Grow a pair.”

Monsef – who has said Sharia “fascinates” her – replied:

“. @michellerempel your quip that I “grow a pair” is the kind of language that does harm to people of all genders. It suggests women are inherently weak b/c of their anatomy. Stereotyping is irresponsible, reckless, & doesn’t advance equality. #ThatsNotFeminist #ThatsNotEquality”

Rempel pushed back:

“And fwiw, her assumption on what pair I was referring to was pretty gendered in and of itself, non?”

‘”If she doesn’t have the courage to address it, at least have the decency to not wrap yourself in virtue-signalling on the day that all of this is going down,” Rempel told HuffPost. The government’s is being “sanctimonious” in its advocacy of feminism, she added.”

Huge hypocrisy from the Trudeau Liberals

From the start, Trudeau’s ‘feminist’ branding was clearly about political positioning and nothing more. The Liberals have refused to confront the most anti-women ideology in the world (radical Islamism), and even mused about removing condemnation of FGM from the new citizenship guide.

Now, with Trudeau refusing to live up to the standards he claimed to believe in, and with his party refusing to call him out, their hypocrisy has reached immense levels, and Rempel is 100% correct to rip the Liberals for it.

Spencer Fernando

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