ARROGANCE: Trudeau Disrespects Doug Ford, Says He Had To Explain “How The Asylum Seeking System Works”

While Ford is worried about the people of Ontario, Trudeau is worried about “UN Conventions.”

Following his meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau displayed massive arrogance and disrespect.

Preening for the press, Trudeau claimed that Ford wasn’t “quite aware” of how the “asylum seeking” system works, and that he had to spend time “explaining it” to Ford.

Of course, Trudeau is the one who doesn’t understand how borders work, and his reckless invite of everybody to enter Canada was a huge cause of the crisis at the border which is having a seriously damaging impact on our social programs.

But instead of acknowledging his own role or taking responsibility for his mistakes, Trudeau arrogantly and condescendingly tried to one-up Ford, acting as if he was still a part-time drama teacher explaining something to a student.

Trudeau even started talking about “International obligations” and “UN Conventions,” ignoring the fact that protecting the integrity of Canada’s laws and Canada’s borders always takes precedence over what elitist international groups want.

Watch Trudeau’s arrogance on display below:

Note how Trudeau doesn’t even have the guts to say “Illegal Border Crossers.”

The contrast between Ford and Trudeau couldn’t be more clear. Ford is loyal and committed to his province and his country, while Trudeau throws Ontarians and Canadians under the bus to fulfill his elitist international ambitions.

With Trudeau, it’s always Canada Last.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

This smug little, girly, SOB makes me sick, 2019 cannot come soon enough.


So, according to Trudeau, Canadians are very accepting of immigrants, and yet, at the same time, we have a systemic racism problem and need motions like M-103 to curb it!
What a piece of work this nut is.
Hope Doug Ford continues to fight to get that border closed.

alan skelhorne

his arrogant face is so irritating.come on mr. fernando, start calling trudeau what he wants to be called. king trudeau of his new land islamicstand. your followers will appreciate the truth. i just said it, because i know canada is finished, and you know it also. start telling your followers the truth.


Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and conventions are wonderful. You should try them!

Norbert Kausen

I absolutely despise that condescending clown prince of mediocrity! He has no business lecturing Doug Ford on his imbecilic agenda!!! Ontario has NO obligation to accept Trudeau’s idiotic immigration “policies” and the majority of Ontarians stand behind Ford, if and whe he rejects that idiot’s agenda!!!

Moe S.

Sounds similar to Trudeau explaining to Trump how Canadians ‘won’t be pushed around.’ Of course, Trudeau credits himself as being the ONLY smart person in the room during such meetings. So, let us assume Trudeau explained the ‘asylum seeking system’ according to Trudeau’s definition. We all know how he likes to ‘invent’ words. “Doug, the new term for illegal immigrants is ‘irregular border crossers.’ The words ‘immigration system’ now ‘asylum seeking system.’ RCMP and Canada Border Security agents now called ‘valets for irregular border crossers.’ Absolutely, NO ONE is arrested or asked for identification, instead, we ask ‘which part of… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has revealed himself to be the most out of touch Prime Minister that Canada has ever had. Trudeau talks about how our immigration system works , like no one but himself even understands it ; all the while refusing to accept the consequences for his deliberate actions. That he is the single and most important reason why we now have and out of control immigration and refugee problem. That, before Trudeau became Prime Minister, Canada had a immigration and refugee system , that was the envy of the world. For Trudeau to now say that he is not responsible… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Do not underestimate the stupidity of Canadian voters. His SJW stupidity was on full display in 2015, and people still voted for his hair.


Trudeau and the Lieberals made these Canadian obligations with the rich globalists, they should be paying for this but not with our tax dollars or more debt, to give it away out of our very indebted country. We need a Canadian government for Canada, not this horrible mess this group of spoiled greedy rich kids are making a mockery of us around the world.
We need Doug Ford, for the people, he is doing the right things.




Canada has certain obligations to LEGAL migrants, not criminal border crossers. Note the words CANADA and LEGAL Nowhere in any agreement or convention does it mention a Canadian province, municipality. city, town village or hamlet. It is Trudeau that doesn’t understand. This is standard Liberal / Trudeau BS. He opens his mouth yet again without thinking, without even starting to consider consequences and ramifications, and he throw the responsibilities on someone else. It is never his fault, never his responsibility. A year and a half ago Victoria was screaming for teachers for badly overloaded ESL classes ranging from preschool to… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

You can be sure that the kind of diplomacy used when with Trump is being used with Ford!

Back fired big time, and Ford is no dummy! Trudeau has zero diplomatic skills and very little polish in his speaking capacities!

As for the United Nations Canadians should withdraw from its clutches, and stand alone as a Sovereign and Independent State!

We do not need a seat on the security council of a corrupt and misguided World Government!


What an arrogant POS. Ford probably put him in his place but he has to come off like he was very unforgiving of his stance in bringing in “ILLEGAL” immigrants.

Sandra Clark

So now, Trudeau is using new terminology, like irregular immigration and asylum seekers, instead of using the real term and calling it what it really is… “illegal immigrants”. There is nothing irregular about it….it’s a full scale steady flow. Trudeau actually stood in front of the media camera’s and told the world that Ford needed an education on how the immigrant system is supposed to operate? Talk about doing his best to degrade an MP. You would think he was teaching an elementary student. What a pompous twit, Trudeau is. Most Canadians have been reacting to this illegal immigration influx… Read more »

Norbert Kausen C.D.

Well said, Sandra!! Exactly as you state it!


I read the UN Conventions and we have NO OBLIGATION. It is voluntary. We are against this type of immigration which ignores the genocide in South Africa and the same in the Middle East where christians are being killed massively by muslims. The UN is run mainly by dictatorships and it does not respect our nation and all our Canadian values. The supposedly refugees from Syria were not for the most part. We need to have migrants who will not drain the social system but contribute. So we need to have a curriculum of Canadian values and ensure that the… Read more »


The Prime Minister appears to be defending an ad hoc, chaotic, undefined system of how to hold, treat and process tens of thousands of those crossing the border illegally from the USA into Canada. Then has the gall to comment that he had “spent a bit of time explaining how our asylum-seeking system works” to our deal ol’ Dougie. System? What System? With an election coming up in about 14 months, the Liberals will do what is does best – delay and feet drag until beyond critical. This will no doubt be an election issue on the campaign next year… Read more »


So he reminded the Premier of the various conventions we signed…he didn’t seem to have an issue with the three conventions signed which prevented legalizing marijuana….he hasn’t even mentioned those …did we buy our way out of them or is it ok to ignore them but not others. You can’t have it both ways ….but then lately the Prime Minister seems to like to have rules for others but not when they concern him personally.


I believe Dougie chewed him up and spit him out, and came up with this lame explanation


LOL. Ford not aware of Canada’s, or Trudeau’s, obligation? Seems Trudeau isn’t even aware of his obligations to the legal immigrants, those who have or are adhering to our laws and system. From this Canadian’s perspective, and my family joined the first immigrants in the 1500’s to Canada, he certainly isn’t aware of his obligation to the Canadian people. Perhaps he could demonstrate or model how it is done by taking in the illegals he is so focused on onto his own personal estates? Would free up much of the shelter space. Same concentration of numbers, same demographics and same… Read more »

Brian Dougan

I’m fairly certain that these migrants are illegal twice over. They were most probably in the United States illegally, and Donald Trump threatened them with a big can of Raid. They quickly scurried over the laughable Canadian border; invited by their fellow cockroach; J. Turdeau. They are here illegally; despite Turdeau’s sappy; spineless Tweet. Now they can put up their feet, and smoke grass all day. I lament our terribly abused; shell shocked country. A beggarly; hollow shell of its former self. A country that has been slowly devoured by lying; self-serving politicians.


Exact same thing he did with Trump; act all friendly when he’s there, but then when he’s gone and JT has the media listening to him, then call his opponent out.

PS – “Invite” is not a noun.