ARROGANCE: Trudeau Disrespects Doug Ford, Says He Had To Explain “How The Asylum Seeking System Works”

While Ford is worried about the people of Ontario, Trudeau is worried about “UN Conventions.”

Following his meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau displayed massive arrogance and disrespect.

Preening for the press, Trudeau claimed that Ford wasn’t “quite aware” of how the “asylum seeking” system works, and that he had to spend time “explaining it” to Ford.

Of course, Trudeau is the one who doesn’t understand how borders work, and his reckless invite of everybody to enter Canada was a huge cause of the crisis at the border which is having a seriously damaging impact on our social programs.

But instead of acknowledging his own role or taking responsibility for his mistakes, Trudeau arrogantly and condescendingly tried to one-up Ford, acting as if he was still a part-time drama teacher explaining something to a student.

Trudeau even started talking about “International obligations” and “UN Conventions,” ignoring the fact that protecting the integrity of Canada’s laws and Canada’s borders always takes precedence over what elitist international groups want.

Watch Trudeau’s arrogance on display below:

Note how Trudeau doesn’t even have the guts to say “Illegal Border Crossers.”

The contrast between Ford and Trudeau couldn’t be more clear. Ford is loyal and committed to his province and his country, while Trudeau throws Ontarians and Canadians under the bus to fulfill his elitist international ambitions.

With Trudeau, it’s always Canada Last.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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