Cleaning House: Ford Removes Holdovers From Wynne Government

These aren’t frontline public servants being removed, they’re political advisors and elitist bureaucrats.

The Ford government continues making moves to save taxpayer dollars and increase the efficiency of government.

According to reports, the Ontario government cabinet removed three holdovers from the Wynne government:

Chief scientist Molly Shoichet is gone, as are Wynne’s privatization czar Ed Clark and chief investment officer Allan O’Dette.

Whatever those positions are named, they were really political advisors – and often very expensive ones.

Clark had also been the head of the Liquor Control board. Considering that he was appointed by Wynne, and that Wynne campaigned against Ford’s idea to treat Ontarians like adults when it comes to liquor sales, it’s no surprise that he was removed.

Both the chief investment officer and the chief scientist role are new positions that were created by Wynne, and replacing the people in those roles – or even scrapping the positions entirely – would make sense.

Notably, none of the people being removed are frontline civil servants. They are highly-expensive elitist political advisors that were part of Wynne’s massive expansion of government.

The new Ontario government has the right to make changes to advisory positions, and considering that the PCs have done a great job keeping their promises so far, taxpayers can expect to see their money better spent after these changes are done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube