Ontario Holding Trudeau Government 100% Accountable For Illegal Border Crossing Crisis, Will End Resettlement Cooperation

Unlike the Wynne Liberals, the new Ontario government is willing to call out the Trudeau government for their failure to enforce Canada’s border.

Ontario’s government is making it clear that the border crisis is 100% the result of the Trudeau Liberals.

As noted by the CP, A spokesman for Premier Doug Ford said Thursday the federal government has encouraged people to cross into Canada illegally and continues to usher people across the U.S.-Quebec border into Ontario. “This has resulted in a housing crisis and threats to the services that Ontario families depend on,” Simon Jefferies said in a statement. “This mess was 100 per cent the result of the federal government, and the federal government should foot 100 per cent of the bills.”

Jefferies also said “Ontario will always be a welcoming province to those who want to come to our country legally. There is a process, however, that is currently not being followed by illegal border crossers.”

Unlike the Wynne government who never really confronted Trudeau even when he was damaging Ontario, the new PC government is clearly fed up with the illegal border crossings and the cost it’s imposing on the province.

As a result, they have ended a co-operation agreement that settled illegal border crossers, saying it’s the federal government’s responsibility to deal with the crisis.

The more people who cross illegally, the more services will be strained and unavailable for taxpayers, while those who cross illegally get rewarded.

Under Doug Ford, the Ontario government is doing what Trudeau has failed to do: Stand up for citizens and taxpayers and demand that our border is respected.

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

Ford is dead on right with this one.


Absolutely love Doug Ford…finally a gov’t that exists to serve its people – not screw them as is the case across our country sadly. I’m sure junior is starting to get really scared as he sees his reign coming to an end. He also needs to be forced to resign as he hasn’t an ounce of honor or decency.


Good to see that Doug Ford is keeping his promises and putting the taxpayers of Ontario first.

Dave Bainard

Gov’t financing means we all pay for this BS. The Trudeau Foundation and the Liberal party should be paying for it.

Brian Mellor

When Trudeau tells the world that Ford does not understand the immigration laws that are in place. I almost fell over. Its Trudeau that does not understand the laws. Those laws where put in place to deal with those seeking refugee status through a legal port of entry not a back door illegal crossing. There should be new laws drafted to deal with illegals.


We have laws. What we need is a government that will enforce them,
but if you’re going to make new ones, here’s a suggestion:
Give the illegals a choice go back to where you came or go to jail for
30 years, no bail, no trial, no parole, no free medical, you work for
your room and board. Your life your choice.


Stating the Federal Government should pony up 100% of the costs makes no sense. Whether it’s a Provincial or Federal funding, it’s still the taxpayers of Canada or Ontario footing the bill.
The focus should be NO MORE ILLEGALS – FULL STOP.


Thank God for Doug Ford!!


The biggest problem is, no matter who accepts the financial responsibility, ultimately it becomes the taxpayer’s burden once again.


I think there is an easy and cost effective solution for Toronto. Those who have arrived at shelters in the city must be told the truth. A. no room at the inn so to speak; B. The city of Ottawa, home of the Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration who extended the invitation, is waiting with open arms. In the morning, at no cost to the illegal aliens, escort them to pre-arranged Greyhound or comparable buses with one way tickets to Ottawa; specifically to Parliament Hill. The city of Toronto may wish to provide nice camping equipment including tents which… Read more »

Gordon Carpenter

“Beavis and Butthead”; hey that’s pretty funny. Had a good laugh, as it’s so true!


Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton all Claim to be sanctuary cities, remember they are all mostly Lieberal/NDP, so they should have known and been prepared at their own expense, or voted for common sense, which they don’t have , so why are they now crying to force everyone else to pay for what they wanted? They already have too much debt as a cities. Unfortunately I live in one of these lackluster cities and voted against this, because we had more than enough Canadians living on the streets already and now they are putting people from outside the country up in… Read more »


The only problem with the p.c ‘s statement that ”the Federal government should pay 100percent of the bills” is that the Federal government has LESS then no money . They only have endless access to OURS !


id love to know what people think of the fact there is at least one no-go zone in Canada (in Montreal) due to these illegals – who are molesting/hurting true Canadians. no one ever seems to write or comment about them or the no-go zone. i’m scared to let my kids play outside. if they come after my kids and i defend them(my kids) i could go to jail because its racial hate rather than fact

Connie Cattle

They don’t speak about it because there is that lovely little M103 that has effectively silenced Canadians because if you do complain it is called Islamaphobic that is why they initiated it even though we already had vigorous hate speech laws in place they had to make sure that their behavior could not be criticised or they be held accountable for their actions because of cultural differences.


You do what’s best for Ontario not for some sicko liberal trudeau who cares only for crime illegals and terrorists. If Jihadi trudeau refuse to listen to the premiere then pack all the illegals onto bus and them to Jihadi trudeau’s home, office and to every federal liberal mp’s and their media’s home and office, to be looked after, but, on no circumstance should the legal citizens of Ontario be burden paying for Jihadi Justin trudeau’s illegals.

tTommy Hawk

Could there possibly be a response not recognizing that reality?


A first step in the right direction…GO ONTARIO!!! Let’s hope this sort of attitude spread ALL over Canada…WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!! So, let’s take it back from our damned enemies NOW!!! And, let’s…now…GET RID OF TRAITOR TRUDEAU!!!

Wendy Lush

We need a real leader at the helm to fix this mess PM Selfie Socks has created. If this flow of illegals continues unabated Toronto and Montreal could end up like Paris in a few short years..

“Illegal migrants in Paris suburb soar to 400,000 as hundreds of migrant children sleep on streets”

Pearl Neidlinger

On the Toronto news channel CP24
A news women said there are now 8,000 homeless people!

Connie Cattle

We got rid of Wynne now we desperately need to get rid of Trudeau and his insane Cabinet of Liberal loons who don’t seem to understand that money which is not theirs and the welfare of our own citizens has a limit. Canadians deserve better and so do the immigrants who have waited years to come here and settle legally. Send the Que Jumpers back don’t house them don’t grant them asylum direct them back to the border crossing legal point process and deal with them properly. NO MORE JUMPING AHEAD of the rest NO MORE PANDERING to the UN.… Read more »

Wendy Lush

J says: July 6, 2018 at 12:15 pm ” id love to know what people think of the fact there is at least one no-go zone in Canada (in Montreal) due to these illegals – who are molesting/hurting true Canadians. no one ever seems to write or comment about them or the no-go zone. i’m scared to let my kids play outside. if they come after my kids and i defend them(my kids) i could go to jail because its racial hate rather than fact ” It’s already happening, J. Montreal North is a bloody zoo. I would steer clear… Read more »