Ontario Holding Trudeau Government 100% Accountable For Illegal Border Crossing Crisis, Will End Resettlement Cooperation

Unlike the Wynne Liberals, the new Ontario government is willing to call out the Trudeau government for their failure to enforce Canada’s border.

Ontario’s government is making it clear that the border crisis is 100% the result of the Trudeau Liberals.

As noted by the CP, A spokesman for Premier Doug Ford said Thursday the federal government has encouraged people to cross into Canada illegally and continues to usher people across the U.S.-Quebec border into Ontario. “This has resulted in a housing crisis and threats to the services that Ontario families depend on,” Simon Jefferies said in a statement. “This mess was 100 per cent the result of the federal government, and the federal government should foot 100 per cent of the bills.”

Jefferies also said “Ontario will always be a welcoming province to those who want to come to our country legally. There is a process, however, that is currently not being followed by illegal border crossers.”

Unlike the Wynne government who never really confronted Trudeau even when he was damaging Ontario, the new PC government is clearly fed up with the illegal border crossings and the cost it’s imposing on the province.

As a result, they have ended a co-operation agreement that settled illegal border crossers, saying it’s the federal government’s responsibility to deal with the crisis.

The more people who cross illegally, the more services will be strained and unavailable for taxpayers, while those who cross illegally get rewarded.

Under Doug Ford, the Ontario government is doing what Trudeau has failed to do: Stand up for citizens and taxpayers and demand that our border is respected.

Spencer Fernando