Trudeau Rewarded The Anti-Pipeline BC NDP With Over $4 Billion. Now, He’s Threatening To Take $420 Million Away From The Ford Government

So, ignoring the constitution and illegally opposing pipelines is OK with Trudeau, but opposing the widely-hated job-killing carbon tax isn’t.

Even as the BC NDP government was ignoring the constitution and illegally blocking the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, the Trudeau government rewarded them with over $4 billion in infrastructure spending.

While that spending could have easily been used as leverage to end the BC NDP’s radical opposition to the pipeline, the Trudeau government gave it to them without a fight.

It sent a clear message: Opposing a nationally important pipeline project is fine with Trudeau, and even gets rewarded.

And yet, when it comes to opposing the carbon tax that Ontario voters clearly rejected in the provincial election, Trudeau is planning to punish the new Ontario government – and the people of Ontario.

As noted by the National Observer, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government says it’s reviewing $420 million worth of transfer payments to Ontario after newly-minted Premier Doug Ford announced Canada’s most populous province was beginning an “orderly wind-down” of its green programs. The federal funding was part of the Trudeau government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund, set up as part of the prime minister’s national climate change framework. The fund is worth $2 billion over five years and to be spent on projects that reduce emissions, create jobs and help Canadians and companies save money across the country.”

This double-standard shows that despite his attempt to present a ‘moderate’ image, Justin Trudeau stands with the radical left.

If he is willing to give the BC NDP over $4 billion, while punishing Ontario by taking away $420 million, it will only encourage more radical leftist opposition to development, further strangling our economy.

Trudeau is also sending a clear anti-democratic message. Doug Ford campaigned very clearly on repealing cap-and-trade and rejecting the carbon tax, and the people of Ontario gave him a massive majority. Trudeau should have listened to the will of the People.

But instead, he’s punishing the People with his threats of cutting the transfer payments, another dangerous step towards authoritarian governance from an increasingly arrogant and out-of-touch government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elmer Doell

If the Feds had simply invoked Sec.92 if our Constitution, we wouldn’t have had to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan, the pipeline would have been built, Horgan should’ve been told to “stuff it” and told that BC gets no billions unless he co-operates!
Wimpy JT and the gang of inept bandits must be replaced!!!


No one can say it better than you Spencer, thank you for your fine words.

I would love to hear what was actually said between those two men, Doug Ford a straight forward open man, that Ontario really needs and the LIEberal Trudeau an elite globalist secretive fake feminist actress, wasteful spend thrift.
Waiting for Doug Fords response to this, if the Lieberal media tells the truth.

Sandra W

Trudeau has gleefully given BILLIONS to foreign countries that positively hate us, who despise our culture and our way of life. He has spent billions supporting Islamist extremists, ISIS terrorists, terrorist groups like Hamas, ISIS sympathizers, all of whom have contributed NOTHING to this country or our economy and never will. He has used our tax dollars for everything from roads to education in foreign lands, and now he threatens to withhold our OWN TAX DOLLARS, money deducted at source from OUR paycheques, money that we contributed for our country’s social programs and the upkeep of its infrastructure based on… Read more »


Great comment !


It’s only $400 million, Doug. You will save that with the cancellation of the first overpriced windmill ripoff. Tell Trudeau to get stuffed.


The Turd-eau is bragging that he had to explain a few things to Mr. Ford, Aka blackmail. how about explaining to the TURD-EAU that a nation wide crowd funding will occur to convince the victim of the Turd’s groping to step forward and tell her story ! Millions would certainly be raised .


I live in Victoria, and Green party loon Elizabeth May is my MP. I can tell you that the local media here give her fawning attention and the most soft ball interviews ever. Much of Vancouver Island is in love with the Green party, who are even more extreme than the NDP when it comes to carbon taxes. The worst of it is we are having a vote on proportional representation here this fall, and if it passes, we will have left wing governments forever. The Liberal party is the “conservative” one here, and they first started imposing carbon taxes,… Read more »


Trudope..He’s such an arrogant, smug SOB. Go get him Doug! Don’t ever back down.

Lloyd Penner

I think we all get the picture with the present federal government.
The silent working majority just have to take the time to vote this next election and not leave it up to the loud minority’s to decide for us.
It’s worth a day off work it that’s what it takes.


Then, Doug Ford can also change the constitution as well by telling Jihadi Justin that any gas money from Ontario WILL NOT BE SENT TO OTTAWA PERIOD. IT WILL REMAIN IN ONTARIO.

Before, the fed liberal gov will take the provincial gas tax revenues and spent it as they pleased.
When Stephen Harper came into power, he made into law that ‘gas tax revenues’ collected from each province is to be permanently return to provinces for their infrastructure spending. .

Ed R Peebles

Premier Ford . You always Have to Remember that you are not dealing with a normal Human Being but with our PM the Groper ! With his inaction over this matter , over many years and he must think that the laws and ordinary Human conditions Do not apply to him ! He is not only the Chief Officer of Canada, but everyone’s superior. We have created a BEAST !



Another thought, since Quebec collects it’s own provincial tax, Quebec’s citizens, have to file two separate tax returns and Mr. Scheer says if he is elected, Quebec cna collect both federal and provincial taxes, maybe all the provinces should demand this now?
We could really reduce the size and power of this corrupt Federal government and they provinces would have more control, just a thought.

David MacKAY

Trudeau is Gorge Soros’s merrionette – Turdeau is moving forward from where Pierre Trudeau left off. The difference however is that Justin Trudeau is Evil. He enjoys hatred and vindictiveness. Canadians really need to wakeup. The Trudeau Majority is so large that both NDP and Conservatives even if allied can appose nothing the Liberals decide to pass. Justin need only run parliament one day a week and order his MP’s to do his bidding. In truth he is Canada’s first dictator. We were given a clue last week that there will be a snap Federal election called likely for August/September… Read more »

Kevin Nagel

He wants CANADA to Thank him for spending 4.2 Billion TAX Dollars for saving the pipeline he could have gotten for free. And we’re not STUPID, now that it’s Government FUNDED the price will go up to 12 Billion before a drop gets pumped. Then he’ll sell the asset to a Quebec BUDDY for 2 Billion. And get kickbacks for DECADES. Like WE DONT SEE WHERE THIS IS HEADED.