Trudeau Rewarded The Anti-Pipeline BC NDP With Over $4 Billion. Now, He’s Threatening To Take $420 Million Away From The Ford Government

So, ignoring the constitution and illegally opposing pipelines is OK with Trudeau, but opposing the widely-hated job-killing carbon tax isn’t.

Even as the BC NDP government was ignoring the constitution and illegally blocking the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, the Trudeau government rewarded them with over $4 billion in infrastructure spending.

While that spending could have easily been used as leverage to end the BC NDP’s radical opposition to the pipeline, the Trudeau government gave it to them without a fight.

It sent a clear message: Opposing a nationally important pipeline project is fine with Trudeau, and even gets rewarded.

And yet, when it comes to opposing the carbon tax that Ontario voters clearly rejected in the provincial election, Trudeau is planning to punish the new Ontario government – and the people of Ontario.

As noted by the National Observer, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government says it’s reviewing $420 million worth of transfer payments to Ontario after newly-minted Premier Doug Ford announced Canada’s most populous province was beginning an “orderly wind-down” of its green programs. The federal funding was part of the Trudeau government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund, set up as part of the prime minister’s national climate change framework. The fund is worth $2 billion over five years and to be spent on projects that reduce emissions, create jobs and help Canadians and companies save money across the country.”

This double-standard shows that despite his attempt to present a ‘moderate’ image, Justin Trudeau stands with the radical left.

If he is willing to give the BC NDP over $4 billion, while punishing Ontario by taking away $420 million, it will only encourage more radical leftist opposition to development, further strangling our economy.

Trudeau is also sending a clear anti-democratic message. Doug Ford campaigned very clearly on repealing cap-and-trade and rejecting the carbon tax, and the people of Ontario gave him a massive majority. Trudeau should have listened to the will of the People.

But instead, he’s punishing the People with his threats of cutting the transfer payments, another dangerous step towards authoritarian governance from an increasingly arrogant and out-of-touch government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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