CABINET CHAOS: Boris Johnson Quits As Theresa May’s Brexit Strategy Crumbles

Theresa May – who opposed Brexit from the start – has tried to put forward a Brexit plan that keeps the UK in the EU in everything but name.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a massive crisis as her Brexit plan crumbles.

Within just hours, Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quit the cabinet.

Both Johnson and Davis advocate a more clear break with the European Union – an approach that aligns far more with what people who supported Brexit wanted – including the UK having control over their own laws and trade relationships.

By contrast, Theresa May – who opposed Brexit and is an odd choice to implement it – has advocated an approach that basically keeps the UK in the EU in everything but name. Under her plan, the UK would still be under the influence of the European Court of Justice, and would be in a free trade zone with the EU – which could limit Britain’s ability to sign free trade deals with other countries.

Johnson has said May’s plan would turn the UK into a “colony” of the European Union.

A significant rift has now opened in the ruling Conservative Party, and it could get even worse for May.

According to reports, “No 10 said it will not reconsider the Chequers Brexit plan signed off by ministers on Friday but Laura Kuenssberg said she had been told by a source that either Theresa May “dumps” it or “another minister will go, then another, then another, then another”.

Additionally, BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg says a confidence vote could be in the offing:

If these events culminate in new leadership for the UK that actually implements a real Brexit, that will be good news. Countries should retain their own independence, rather than be dictated to by distant foreign bureaucracies.

Spencer Fernando

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Patricia mckinstry

It will not be good if the Labor Party get in. They are almost worse than Canadas Liberals. They would destroy the UK


Boris should be PM of UK…. but for some strange reason he opted out of the race. Here’s a 2nd chance for him


Trump should bypass/cancel visiting England. Why bother? They can’t negotiate trade deals now, and the unhinged hatred for Trump and America is insulting.

Valerie Clark

Brexit is the will of the British people. Terry’s job is to GET IT DONE.


She reminds me of another globalist pig we are all suffering at the hands of ( pun possibly intended ) here in Canada…someone who also has no use for us peasants or democracy.


Britain voted and want a hard Brexit, do it and move on regenerating the country for the British people, get away from the globalists.

Shawn Harris

Prime Minister May has a Jekyll and Hyde like view of Brexit. On the one hand she wants to stay and please the E.U. while simultaneously trying to appear to give Brexiters what they want. The trouble with trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one and in this case, it will be very costly for PM May, it will cost her the office of PM. Boris Johnson , the main parliamentarian that has from the beginning fought hard for a clean and hard Brexit, should be the one to clean up this disastrous mess. Since he has… Read more »