CONTRAST: While Doug Ford Serves Ontarians, Trudeau Serves The United Nations & Illegal Border Crossers

Ford is acting much more like a Prime Minister than Justin Trudeau is.

As I reported previously, Justin Trudeau showed massive arrogance when – after emerging from his meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford – he claimed to have explained to him how the “asylum seeking” system works.

Arrogance aside, Trudeau’s comments and focus following the meeting showed a very clear contrast between him and Ford:

While Ford is focused on those he’s supposed to serve – Ontarians – Trudeau is focused on serving the United Nations and those who have crossed into Canada illegally.

The Ford government has been clear that illegal border crossings – which Trudeau encouraged – are having an increasing burden on the social services Ontarians rely on. After all, the cost of providing those services to people in Canada illegally is put on the back of taxpayers, who end up paying more for less.

The Ford government also has the guts and honesty to call the crossings what they are: Illegal.

If someone crosses at a legal border crossing and makes an asylum claim, it is a legal action – whether or not their asylum claim is approved or not. If they come from the United States (which is a safe country) then they are turned back – as the law demands. But if someone crosses at an illegal spot, it is by definition an illegal act.

Clearly, Ford would have brought up these concerns in the meeting, and as seen from Trudeau’s response afterwards, it’s obvious that Trudeau chose to stand instead with illegal border crossers and our supposed “obligations” to the United Nations – an organization so corrupt that they let countries like Saudia Arabia and Venezuela run ‘human rights’ councils.

Canada’s leaders don’t owe anything to those who violate our borders, and they don’t owe anything to the UN. They do owe something to the people who they were elected to serve, and that means directing our limited financial resources towards our own people and ensuring our national laws are respected.

Doug Ford understands that truth, while Justin Trudeau does not. Because of that, Ford has acted much more like a true Prime Minister than Justin Trudeau has.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

I no longer listen to CBC or CTV for any news, I am tired of all the distorted make believe. Spencer you are a man of honour and courage, qualities that are sadly lacking in most reporting on world affairs. God bless you and keep you well my hero.


I share your reporting to everyone I know. You are educating all of us with the truth, that CBC -CTV and any news are not reporting. Thank you Spencer. Keep telling the way it really is


Go Doug Ford, thanks for again showing me there are strong, truthful, common sense, real men left in Canada, that we need to remain a country. More Spencer Fernando’s and More Doug Fords are desperately needed!!

Shawn Harris

True leadership requires, honesty, humility, respect for others, even the people you dislike,integrity, truthfulness, in depth knowledge of the people, business, government and commitment to always place the needs of the citizens above your own aspirations, desires and political expediency. Trudeau has none of those qualities, he practices the exact opposite of them , with his daly use of deceit, arrogance and hypocrisy. All to falsely present himself as someone who is to be considered virtuous, even though he himself fails to grasp or understand just what it means to be virtuous. The truly sad part is that Trudeau actually… Read more »


Actually, the truly sad part is that many believe in him & think that what he is doing is somehow good.
This is the truly sad reality of many simple low info people in the east who can be easily bought for a promise of helping them while in reality they are being forced to pay more for living. I’m not sure why they can be hoodwinked so easily.

Diana Read-Miedema

Thank-you for the truth