FLEECED: After Trudeau Government Wasted Our Money Building A Road For The Jordanian Military, That Country Wouldn’t Even Buy Our Leftover Tanks

Jordan played the Trudeau government for fools.

As I wrote about in January, the Trudeau government wasted our tax dollars building a road for the Jordanian military – something that should have absolutely nothing to do with Canada:

At the time I said, “As noted by the Ottawa Citizen, “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan recently announced that Canada would support the construction and “rehabilitation” of a road along Jordan’s northern border with Syria. The project will contribute to the security and stability of Jordan by allowing the Jordanian Armed Forces to better respond to threats along the border, according to the Department of National Defence.”

First of all, this money shouldn’t be leaving our country. Jordan’s roads should be fixed by Jordan, and our taxpayer dollars should be used to fix our own country.”

And yet, it was even worse than that. The Trudeau government agreed to help fund the construction of the road without even knowing what it cost.

So, that makes the recent news about the Trudeau government’s attempt to sell Canada’s old leftover tanks more disgraceful:

“Canada has given up trying to find a buyer for its surplus army tanks after what appears to be a last ditch attempt to move them to Jordan fizzled out, Global News has learned.

Canada has about 50 surplus Leopard 1C2 battle tanks and 11 Leopard 1 armoured engineering vehicles left over from the original batch of about 127 Leopard 1s Canada purchased, beginning in 1978.”

While the government hasn’t released many details, it’s clear that Jordan chose not to buy the tanks – or else the government would have sold them.

This means the Trudeau government got played for fools – with a huge resulting waste of our taxpayer dollars.

Canada paid for a road for Jordan’s military, and then they wouldn’t spend their money to buy our old tanks.

While building the road for Jordan was a horrible idea and taxpayer money never should have been used for it, at the very least the government should have used the tank sales as leverage, as in “we only build the road if you buy the tanks.”

Instead, Jordan got the road, and we got nothing.

It’s pathetic, and it’s a predictable result of the disloyal globalist Trudeau government that takes money out of our taxpayers pockets to make other countries richer at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

The Trudeau government are a large group of fools and we need to figure a way to get rid of them NOW.

I consider giving a large percent of 23 million dollars to The National Council of Canadian Muslims, the Islamic Relief, and CAIR, irresponsible and a threat to our security since these groups are mired in allegations of support of terrorism. So much horse pucky from this pack of fools and more than a year to go.


More than 27 per cent of the more than $1.5 billion in Canadian aid money sent to the region has gone to Jordan. We should start video clips of Canadians such as seniors, veterans and families STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET. A person who earns an annual income has 60% of it taken by the governments both federal and provincial. With the 40%, one is supposed to pay for everything, not incur debt and save for retirement. WOW! From statcan, The top 10% of Canadians had incomes over $80,400. 90% of Canadians earned less than 80k per year. As of… Read more »

Ron Stephens

so typical trudeau, the dead frog’s son is carrying on just like the old man,
wasting Canadian billions instead of making Canada a better country.


U.S. Marine Corps major general Smedley Darlington Butler stated, ‘War Is A Racket’.

What we get in return? Spending us into perpetual debt-servitude.
Far from sane.


It’s not hard for the Trudeau Liberals to make fools of themselves. It just means that they make us pay for them. The question I have for any money going out to those countries is this. How much over site is give to this money? Is it like all the other billions Canada has given where only 48% goes to ward the projects for which it was intended and 52% goes to corrupt money handlers?

tTommy Hawk

“…….played for fools…..” is the perfect description of both Trudeau and his government. There no more an apt description than that.