WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent Over $24K Taxpayer Dollars On 86 Cushions For Embassy In Mexico

And that doesn’t even include the cost of shipping.

There is yet another absurd example of waste from the Trudeau government.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has found that the Trudeau government spent over $24,000 of our taxpayer dollars on 86 cushions for the Canadian embassy in Mexico City.

And that didn’t even include the cost of shipping them there.

In total, $24,638 was spent on the cushions, equalling about $286 for each cushion purchased.

As noted by Aaron Wudrick – President of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation – “If we were upset about $16 orange juice, I can’t imagine what people will think of $286 seat cushions. It’s just outrageous.”

And as pointed out in a recent report, “Wudrick said a quick online search yielded cushions for around $50 apiece, with some bargain options as low as $17.”

Also, “The company that made the cushions was Circa Office Interiors Ltd., a First Nations-owned furniture supply company based in Regina. The business is now listed as permanently closed, and calls to the company’s offices went to voicemail.”

This is another example of the contempt for Canadian taxpayers dollars being shown by the Trudeau government. While they claim our Veterans are asking for too much, and increase taxes on Canadians forcing us to tighten our belts, the spending party on garbage like cushions continues – giving the elitist bureaucrats and top-level government staff a life of luxury extracted from the wallets of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando