WATCH: Trudeau’s Misconduct Hypocrisy Revealed Through His Own Past Words

Trudeau once said, “There is no context in which someone doesn’t have responsibility for things they’ve done in the past.” He’s not saying it anymore.

As many people have pointed out, the real problem facing Justin Trudeau is hypocrisy.

If he hadn’t virtue-signalled as a ‘feminist’ and held everyone to a ‘believe all accusations’ zero-tolerance standard that led to careers being destroyed after accusations, he would have probably emerged unscathed from the groping controversy.

However, Trudeau has repeatedly held everyone else to one standard, and then abandoned that standard the moment it could apply to him.

Amazingly, we don’t even need to look at what other people are saying to see this massive hypocrisy on display.

As Steeper33 shows us in a new video, the hypocrisy is revealed by Trudeau’s own words.

Clearly, Trudeau thinks he’s above all accountability and that the rules only apply to what in his mind are the ‘little people’ below him.

That type of elitist arrogance is disgraceful, and it’s insulting to the Canadian People. Yet again, Trudeau shows that he has no business leading our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube