WEAK: Instead Of Dealing With Crisis, Ahmed Hussen Attacks Ontario For Saying “Illegal Border Crossers”

The Trudeau government is more interested in pathetic political correctness than they are in enforcing our laws.

As if there was any doubt, the Trudeau government has made it crystal clear that they have zero intention of dealing with the crisis at the border, and are instead doubling-down on weak political correctness.

As noted by the CP, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is attacking the Ontario government for calling illegal border crossings what they are: Illegal.

“Last week a spokesman for Premier Doug Ford issued a statement describing asylum seekers as “illegal border crossers,” saying the influx has resulted in a housing crisis in Toronto and “threats to services that Ontario families depend on.

Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, told a news conference today in Halifax that he’s “very concerned” by the comments made by Ford and Lisa MacLeod, the provincial cabinet minister responsible for immigration. Hussen, himself an immigrant from Somalia, says Canada has a legal obligation under national and international law to give a fair hearing to refugee claimants.”

Of course, Ford and MacLeod are correct here, and Hussen is wrong. It’s not ‘concerning’ to call illegal border crossings illegal, because that is simply what they are.

If someone enters Canada without permission outside of a legal border crossing it is by definition an illegal act.

What is actually concerning is Hussen’s refusal to call a spade a spade.

Think of the message this sends to people thinking about entering Canada illegally. They can see the minister of immigration actually criticizing Canada’s largest provincial government for calling the action illegal, while he does nothing to end the border crisis.

It will be even more of an incentive for people to enter Canada illegally, which means an even worsening betrayal of Canadian citizens and taxpayers, and a betrayal of those seeking to enter Canada the legal way.

As time goes on, the Trudeau government’s disloyalty to Canada just keeps on growing.

Spencer Fernando

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The Canadian Government isn’t solving the border crisis because they don’t want to solve the crisis. The Trudeau Liberals want 100 Million Canadians by the year 2100. Based on the current figures, that can’t happen with immigration at 350,000 people per year. Our domestic birth rate is going down as we become sterile and indebted. That is why they are opening the doors and ramping up immigration to about 450,000 per year.


They are following soros the globalists plan to destroy our country.
at this point imo they are traitors!
Are there not any legal minds/groups that care about this that can find a
way to charge them with treason?
So they accept illegals and in essence all crimes are okay with them??


Wake up Canada, Trudeau’s government is on its way to polarizing this country
in the same manner as Obama and the Democrats are doing in the USA.
They are working from the same playbook.
We need our own Canadian #WalkAway campaign.




I think we all will agree with Doug Ford and MacLeod, thank you. It is too bad that Doug Ford is not the Prime Minister as we really need one for Canada, but we needed him for Ontario too! So Spencer step up eh, or find us the right one. Thank you.

Ron Werner

Just what are these illegal border crossers seeking “asylum” from??
Are they fleeing deportation from the US because they are there illegally??

St Micheal

Thank you Ian, someone finally talking sense.


“It costs a fortune to keep over crowded prisons, so smart countries pay the price of getting these people to Canada, cause you will take them in” so a South African newcomer told us, and it could maybe be partially true, who knows? Maybe some are coming here as they are told to leave the US or they’re timed out as refugees in the states and need to go back to their own countries and do not want to, as in the case of the Haitians etc., but why or how they can afford to fly into the US and… Read more »


They are entering Canada illegally because they know that everything will be paid for them, housing, health care, and given monthly welfare cheques. All at the cost of the legal Canadians living here, and the growing pains of the legal immigrants, who are going through the proper channels to enter legally, that all have waited years, only to see these “ILLEGALS ” crossing the border “ILLEGALLY”. May I ask you, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, how did you immigrate to Canada? Did you follow the rules and wait for months to get approval? If you did, then I admire you but… Read more »


I truly don’t understand why the Liberals continue to NOT call it ILLEGAL, when in fact it is.
It’s not even a politically correct issue anymore, it’s misinformation to the public.


Because Trudeau is a snow boarder teacher, doesn’t have a clue about running a country and loves to spend our money.

Moe S.

Ahmed Hussen, just another pompous Liberal ignoring the fact that the debate today is over ‘illegal immigration’ NOT legal refugees.’ His “very concerned” by comments made by Premier Ford and McLeod. Is he insinuated Ford and McLeod are anti-immigration or racist? Yes, he is, however, Hussen and Trudeau will save those accusations for the up-coming 2019 Federal election. Taking money through taxes and giving it to others, ie; illegal asylum seekers, who have NO respect for Canada’s immigration law are NOT entitled to everything Canadian citizens have paid for. Canadians DO NOT have to share with those who have made… Read more »


Thank god it is getting closer to get rid of the ” Junk ” that is in parliament now, in the next election


Because of traitor trudeau and his ‘best friends’, our beautiful and peaceful country is going to end up like that of Europe…and when that happens, and these tarts get their way and push their backward ‘laws’ on the Canadians, and we can’t escape…I REFUSE TO LIVE HERE anymore… i’ve already made my plan with my family…it’s called ‘escape suicide’….because i will DAMNED if i’m going to have to live in cesspool world of backward, illogical idiots who are nothing but thieves, murderers, torturers and have no regards for humans of the secular world. That’s my two cents.

bill simone

Trudeaus plan to remain in power and eliminate all parties and oppositionwith only one peoples, no Christians while he turns his back as Christians are eliminated..Mean while he puts laws in place that will be hard to get rid of, just as he stated on Bill c 51 I believe and mentioned two or three years to get rid of..Our laws and government have all got to change and work to gether..Trudeau lied to Canadians from git go and scared them with phony laws government placed akin the peoples..Did any one ask permission of the populace?{ NO}…Bill Simone…Thank You….

S Williston

Ahmed Hussen be damned, these ILLEGAL border crossers are exactly that. It is refreshing to hear Premier Ford referring to them correctly. All of the pc babble that erupts from the mouths of Trudeau and his band of useless MPs on a daily basis is mind numbing. Not a single Liberal MP is working on behalf of Canadians. Their entire focus is on foreign countries, foreign causes, the climate hoax, bringing in illegal economic migrants and protecting terrorists. What a colossal mess!

Leo Frey

Hussen needs to move back to somalia. Give the SOB a dose of reality.


If they eere not crossing the border illegally, why are the RCMP baggage handlers advising them as such as well as arresting thwm upon crossing.

This Liberal government is pathetic.

How much longer for these bums to be punted?


Where were all the cry’s when Trudeau after elected, removed the status of Haitians that were temporarily in Canada after the earthquake…not a peep when they were stripped of temporary status and sent home. Or were they? How many went underground and are still here in Canada. Better yet how many left and have now reryrned at attempt number 2? My problem is the many “streams” available for a person to try and use. Stream 1 show up at Roxham Rd. Deny. Ok stream 2 appeal. Still denied. Stream 3 but I have family already here , stream 4 Ive… Read more »


Why don’t you open your own house to the illegals and request all other liberal mps and reporters who support the idea to do the same?

Al MacLeod

Its the most common of denials. When someone doesnt want to deal with the content of a msg – they attack the presentation. Ford called it right and mister smug cant handle the reLitt of it.

tTommy Hawk

“Political correctness” is “social suicide.”

John Smith

Umm, ‘scuse me!! Hassan himself was referring to them as illegal just a week ago!!

Oh, and now The Star says the problem isn’t the illegal migrants, no no!! It’s the number of shelters that’s the problem!!

John Smith

Trudeau is unwittingly cementing Ford as da-man!! Let’s hope Scheer is paying attention and follows Ford’s lead!!