Despite Past Commitment, Trudeau Says Canada Won’t Meet NATO Defence Spending Target

Yet, he’s simultaneously warning about the threat from Russia.

Heading into the NATO Summit, Justin Trudeau is already saying Canada won’t meet the commitment – which our nation agreed to – to spend 2.0% of GDP on defence.

This will likely worsen relations between Canada and the US even more.

And yet, Trudeau is simultaneously saying the summit will be about reinforcing the threat from Russia.

As noted by the CP, Trudeau is saying ‘President Donald Trump’s NATO allies will have little time for his pro-Russian musings when he meets the alliance’s leaders at their annual summit in Brussels starting Wednesday.’ 

The meeting tomorrow will be an opportunity for all of our countries to rededicate ourselves to NATO, to demonstrate that it’s actually important, that it actually does important things, and that the collection of values and rules that it was brought in to defend 75-plus years ago are just as relevant today as they ever were. I look forward to having words with President Trump,” said Trudeau.

Of course, Trudeau is trying to have it both ways.

You can’t warn about a military threat from Russia while also refusing to increase defence spending to the NATO target. If Russia is such a threat, then all countries should be rapidly and massively increasing military spending to deal with it.

By not increasing spending, Trudeau is saying that he either doesn’t really see Russia as a threat, or that he expects the US to deal with it basically single-handedly, which is an unfair position for us to put our ally into.

And furthermore, we shouldn’t increase defence spending just because the US wants to, but because it’s the right thing to do for Canada. Our military is horribly underfunded, and our nation is nearly undefended. Yet, our GDP is about the same as Russia’s, so there’s no reason Canada can’t have a strong military defence.

Once again, Trudeau is all talk, no action when it comes to defending Canada, and it’s ironic that the one international commitment he’s willing to break is the one that happens to be about protecting our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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