REPORT: Hussen Gave Briefing At Restaurant Allegedly Connected To Nigeria-Based Crime Syndicate

Hussen and his staff must be too busy condemning Canadians who want secure borders to spend time looking into the venues he attends.

A report in the Globe & Mail says Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen gave a briefing on illegal border crossings at The Suya Spot restaurant, which is allegedly tied to the Black Axe criminal syndicate.

Here’s a key part of the report:

“The owner of the The Suya Spot restaurant has denied any affiliation with the Nigerian-based criminal organization that has set up operations in Toronto and Vancouver.

Mr. Hussen’s spokesperson said the minister was unaware that The Suya Spot, located just outside his York South-Weston riding, has been frequented by members of the Neo Black Movement – also known as the Black Axe organized-crime group.

Police say Black Axe has been exerting growing influence over the Nigerian diaspora in Canada as well as engaging in organized crime – everything from fraud, money laundering and intimidation.”

The press secretary for Hussen says they didn’t check the venue ahead of time, saying “Keep in mind that the minister does like 10 events a day on weekends. Do we google every restaurant that the minister gets invited to speak to? We do not.”

However, it seems the government did have info that the location could have been a concern.

“According to the Immigration and Refugee Board, The Suya Spot has advertised in Uhuru Magazine, which is the official publication of the Neo Black Movement, and is frequented by gang members.”

Of course, beyond attending an event at that establishment, the real problem is that Hussen and the Trudeau government have shown no ability or willingness to end the illegal border crossing crisis.

And worse, they’re even attacking those who call the crossings ‘illegal,’ recently criticizing the Ontario government simply for speaking the truth.

Perhaps if Hussen and his staff spent less time attacking Patriotic Canadians, and more time looking into the venues he attends they wouldn’t run into these problems.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Incompetence or outright lying about knowing the affiliations of The Suya Spot? I know where I’d put my money.


Smells Kind of like a Low Level conspiracy with Growing Pains …(?) Where is CSIS , Perhaps we Better stop them while we can , if we can ?



Is any body still amused with this fake foreign criminal puppet terrorist Lieberal globalist destruction of our country government? Was taxed legal pot worth it? Is all the crime increases and division between Canadians worth this? Was the Carbon taxes worth it and Paris accord that just collects our money and does nothing worth this? Are weakened laws worth this? Is this wasted borrowed money and huge debt that really hurts our country worth this? Is insulting and demonizing our neighbors and good friends with all the lies and pretending like they care worth it. Is no oil pipelines east… Read more »

Rocky Potuer

Well said!! This government and all the minions in it, right from Captain Crayon on down, is the biggest joke in Canadian history!


He is obviously just another Trudeau appointed failure.


It is increasingly evident that Canada now has an immigration Ken to match the climate barbie.

Rocky Potuer

Classic Liberal incompetence! The excuses used daily by these clowns are incredible. “I’m sorry”, “It’s 2016”, “the budget will balance itself”, “I remebre it differently”, wow!! How can people support these clowns?


He and Trudeau don’t give a dam about Canadians or Canada to do much of anything one gives our money to islam followers and other countries that isn’t his to give and the other lets all kinds of spongers and violence into our country very incompetent


Why doesn’t Hussen leave his own house door wide open for anyone to enter illegally without his permission and let them do as they please with his home? How about taking in our own Canadian homeless refugees into your house?
If refugees are such a concern for him, why not ask his own mps and the medias to ‘open up their house to illegals’ ?


If Ford can curb and clean house with the OPP to remove 13 years of Liberal stench, an organized crime task force can be established to combat these gangs. Go heavy on publishing all the Liberal POS that are implicated(should be real easy) and contacts with ICE and The Donald himself in sharing info.

Eric Blair

I see Carla Qualtrough, the MP from Delta B.C., in the background probably about to nod her head to the rubbish coming from Hussen mouth. Another eminently qualified peoplekind in Trudeau’s cabinet… one that did not even get elected as a Delta school trustee and yet gets in as a Liberal MP this last election and then a cabinet minister sitting right next to Trudeau himself.
I do admit that Carla does a get job of representing….Ottawa in Delta and not the other way around.

tTommy Hawk

The only way one could claim to be surprised by this incident is if they are dead. This meeting, along with the immigration policies and other anti-Canadian policies and actions of this government, have become more and more blatant over time and reveal more and more, daily, the intentions of this government — the inevitable destruction of Canada as the finest country on the planet in which to live — to that of a third-world hellhole where our offspring, their offspring and their offspring will be forced to exist — not live, but exist. We must not allow this to… Read more »


Any high school kid could check out 10 venues on Google quicker than the Liberals.