Trudeau Government Has No Border Crisis Plan Say Vast Majority Of Canadians

People can see through the rhetoric.

While the Trudeau government keeps trying to make it seem that they have the border crisis under control, the vast majority of Canadians aren’t buying it.

According to a new survey from DART Insight, 70% of Canadians say the Trudeau government has no clear plan for the illegal border crossings.

Just 22% say the government has a plan.

The poll also shows widespread disapproval of how the Trudeau government has ‘handled’ the illegal crossing crisis, with 58% saying the government has not dealt with it well.

These poll results come as Toronto’s social services are being overwhelmed by the influx of illegal crossers, and the new Ontario government led by Doug Ford is holding the Trudeau Liberals accountable for the impact of Trudeau’s open borders policies.

Instead of getting tough and discouraging the illegal crossings, the Trudeau government is attacking those who want the border protected, with immigration minister Ahmed Hussen pathetically attacking the Ontario government for saying “illegal border crossers.”

Spencer Fernando

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