Ford Government Repeals Controversial Sex-Ed Curriculum

The curriculum introduced by the Wynne Liberals in 2015 angered many parents.

The Ford government has kept another promise, announcing that the highly controversial sex-ed curriculum introduced by the Wynne Liberals has been repealed.

In the new school year, schools will go back to the previous version of the curriculum.

That curriculum will only be updated after a “fulsome consultation respecting parents,” said Education Minister Lisa Thompson.

The sex-ed curriculum introduced by the Liberals had become highly contentious, with many parents expressing anger at the information being introduced – including concern about the age that students were being taught the curriculum.

Additionally, there had been a feeling that parents weren’t consulted adequately, which led to the growing opposition to the curriculum.

During both his leadership campaign and the general election, Ford clearly stated that he would repeal the curriculum, and he has now followed through on yet another promise.

Spencer Fernando

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Doug Ford, Lisa Thompson you are very brave, but I feel you will make this very difficult “gender” confusion going on make sense, considering you now don’t have to have a sex when you’re born and can decide what you want to be latter in life, like this is so common children start to learn this in kindergarten ? But I think this is just another useless distraction, from this false Lieberal totalitarian foreign government that we need gone 2019 or before.


We’re getting good news about Ford leadership every day. We are proud Ontarians. Ye!

Wendy Lush

My generation thankfully was not exposed to this bizarre sex-ed social engineering Frankenstein experiment dreamed up by Wynne and her crowd. Neither was my parents’ generation, or the one before that, or the one before that, going all the way back to the Renaissance. We all turned out alright (more or less), so what’s the problem? They (Wynne, Levin, Trudeau et al) are trying to fix a non-existent problem.