PRIORITIES: ‘Global Citizen’ Trudeau Was Willing To Fund A Road For The Jordanian Army, But Wouldn’t Help Fund Bus Transport In Western Canada

Why the hell should our taxpayer dollars go towards building a road for a foreign army when our own citizens need help?

The recent announcement by Greyhound Canada that they are cutting much of their service in Western Canada – particularly in rural areas – has caused significant concern.

The bus service has been a key transportation link for many people in the area, and its loss will be deeply felt.

In the wake of the announcement, Greyhound Canada had noted that they had long been asking for financial assistance from the federal government to make the now-cancelled routes viable.

Yet, they clearly didn’t receive support from the federal government, and the routes are being ended.

While this represents a continued trend by Trudeau of ignoring Western Canada and Rural Canada, it’s also more disturbing in light of the fact that the Trudeau government is spending a bunch of our taxpayer dollars on a road for the Jordanian military.

The Trudeau government committed to helping build the road without even knowing the cost.

So we now have a situation in which Trudeau is willing to take our money and use it to help members of a foreign military get transport, yet won’t help people in rural Western Canada get transport.

It represents the horribly skewed priorities of the Trudeau government, and it’s why the globalist mindset is inevitably a betrayal of Canadian citizens.

Canada doesn’t need a ‘global citizen’ as Prime Minister, we need someone who puts the interests of Canadians above all else, something Trudeau is clearly incapable of doing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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