PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT: Watch As Doug Ford Celebrates The Retirement Of The “Six-Million-Dollar Man”

The elites said it couldn’t be done. But the entire Hydro One Board is now on the way out.

During the campaign, Doug Ford repeatedly said he would get rid of the “Six-Million-Dollar Man” (AKA Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt).

He also said he would clean house, getting rid of the entire Hydro One Board, who massively increased energy costs on the People while receiving massive financial compensation.

The elitist media and Ford’s opponents said it couldn’t be done.

They were wrong.

Schmidt is retiring, and the entire Hydro One Board have announced that they will resign.

Promise Made. Promise Kept.

“I said over and over and over again on the campaign trail the CEO of Hydro One and the board will be gone,” said Ford.“I’m happy to say today the CEO and the board of Hydro One, they’re gone. They’re done. They’re done. We’re going to turn a new corner.”

You can watch Premier Ford’s comments below:

Another promise kept

Unlike Trudeau-style politicians who say one thing during the election and do something else once in power, Doug Ford is moving fast to keep the promises he made to Ontarians.

He said he would repeal the cap & trade carbon tax, and he did.

He said he would repeal the controversial sex-ed curriculum introduced by the Wynne Liberals, and he did.

He said he would clean house at the Hydro One Board and get rid of the Six Million Dollar Man, and he did.

It’s rare to see, but so far Doug Ford is showing that he intends to actually serve the People, rather than the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Free at last, free at last, thank you God almighty, we are free at last. Thank you Premier Doug Ford, you are an upstanding man with integrity, who knows the meaning that a man is as good as his word. You are awesome Sir, and a man of his word.


Yeah Doug Ford and Conservatives again, he is a real leader for the people and now we know with time given he will get Ontario running again and prosperous. Thank you.

Wynne Lieberals/NDP were so corrupt and destructive, and she is right she can do better, she stepped down, but is still doing bad by helping the Lieberal mainstream media.


Great clean up! Finally we have a REAL LEADER IN ONTARIO and his name is Doug Ford!

Phil Alexander

I guess the village idiot will have to dress up like Pinocchio the next time he meets honest Doug and pontificates from on high!

Dave French

►Wonderful to see CONSERVATIVE DOUG FORD is keeping his word. THANK YOU SIR.!!
Keep up the excellent work and keep your promises and you could be PM of Canada in time.
►Alberta’s UPC Jason Kennedy will be VOTED IN as our new Premier in 2019!!!
►LIBERAL TrueTrash, he will be voted OUT of the PM office in 2019 and 🙂
►Alberta’s NDP NotGoodly, she will be voted OUT of Premier office in 2019. 🙂


We need a leader in Manitoba and Brian Pallister next to Gary Filmon is the worst Premier Manitoba ever had. He won’t cancel the carbon tax as it was to have been a referendum by the people as he promised, so now he is a liar. He has done nothing good for Manitoba since elected and is more a Red Tory than a Conservative. The WRHA should close up as it is nothing but a bottomless money pit started by Filmon. He’s gone on to cut hospital emergencies in most hospitals and the list goes on. We need someone like… Read more »

Glen Bailey

Good for you Mr.Ford.Very rare that politician keeps his word.In the meantime,no one on the board needs a severance payout after making 6 million per year on down!


The fact the entire board is leaving makes me question why. Was there a concern of an investigation?

denis desforges

ohhhhh yeah . this is what I call THE BOSS . will this man will bring back some HONESTY to the government , will this man will HONORED HONESTY ????? at this time it look’s good , lets hope for the best .
I am sure proud of my vote , and hope it stay’s this way . “FORD C’EST FORT”.

Wendy Lush

‘Retired’ is code for “you’re FIRED you bottom-feeding parasite!!”

Now, is there a way to retire Trudeau?